Friday, April 6, 2012

1106.3130 (Akihiro Shimizu et al.)

Lattice Gauge Model of a Ferromagnetic p-wave Pairing Phase in
Superconducting Materials and the Inhomogeneous Coexisting State

Akihiro Shimizu, Hidetoshi Ozawa, Ikuo Ichinose, Tetsuo Matsui

1107.1924 (Elbert E. M. Chia et al.)

Doping dependence of the electron-phonon and electron-spin fluctuation
interactions in the high-$T_{c}$ superconductor

Elbert E. M. Chia, D. Springer, Saritha K. Nair, X. Q. Zou, S. A. Cheong, C. Panagopoulos, T. Tamegai, H. Eisaki, S. Ishida, S. Uchida, A. J. Taylor, Jian-Xin Zhu

1109.1537 (Xiaohang Zhang et al.)

Probing the Order Parameter of Superconducting LiFeAs using Pb/LiFeAs
and Au/LiFeAs Point-Contact Spectroscopy

Xiaohang Zhang, Bumsung Lee, Seunghyun Khim, Kee Hoon Kim, Richard L. Greene, Ichiro Takeuchi

1112.2422 (Dongfeng Gao)

Vortex and droplet in holographic D-wave superconductors    [PDF]

Dongfeng Gao

1204.1164 (Shigehiro Yasui et al.)

Non-Abelian statistics of vortices with non-Abelian Dirac fermions    [PDF]

Shigehiro Yasui, Yuji Hirono, Kazunori Itakura, Muneto Nitta

1204.1167 (A. Martinelli et al.)

Microstructural evolution throughout the structural transition in 1111

A. Martinelli, A. Palenzona, M. Putti, C. Ferdeghini

1204.1182 (Gorky Shaw et al.)

Critical behavior at de-pinning of a driven disordered vortex matter in

Gorky Shaw, Pabitra Mandal, S. S. Banerjee, A. Niazi, A. K. Rastogi, A. K. Sood, S. Ramakrishnan, A. K. Grover

1204.1278 (S. Berger et al.)

Geometric phases in superconducting qubits beyond the

S. Berger, M. Pechal, S. Pugnetti, A. A. Abdumalikov Jr., L. Steffen, A. Fedorov, A. Wallraff, S. Filipp

1204.1316 (S. V. Borisenko et al.)

"Cigar" Fermi surface as a possible requisite for superconductivity in
iron-based superconductors

S. V. Borisenko, A. N. Yaresko, D. V. Evtushinsky, V. B. Zabolotnyy, A. A. Kordyuk, J. Maletz, B. Büchner, Z. Shermadini, H. Luetkens, K. Sedlak, R. Khasanov, A. Amato, A. Krzton-Maziopa, K. Conder, E. Pomjakushina, H-H. Klauss, E. Rienks