Wednesday, October 10, 2012

1210.2408 (Yuxuan Wang et al.)

Superconductivity at the onset of spin-density-wave order in a metal    [PDF]

Yuxuan Wang, Andrey V. Chubukov

1210.2409 (Michele Casula et al.)

Local and non-local electron-phonon couplings in K3Picene and the effect
of metallic screening

Michele Casula, Matteo Calandra, Francesco Mauri

1210.2418 (Taner Yildirim)

Ferroelectric Soft Phonons, Charge Density Wave Instability and Strong
Electron-Phonon Coupling in BiS2-Layered Superconductors

Taner Yildirim

1210.2546 (A. Moor et al.)

Realization of the $π$-state in junctions formed by multi-band
superconductors with a spin-density-wave

A. Moor, A. F. Volkov, K. B. Efetov

1210.2593 (Christoph Heil et al.)

Indirect evidence for strong coupling superconductivity in FeSe under
pressure from first-principle calculations

Christoph Heil, Markus Aichhorn, Heinrich Sormann, Ewald Schachinger, Wolfgang von der Linden

1210.2634 (Shuai Jiang et al.)

Thermopower as sensitive probe of electronic nematicity in iron

Shuai Jiang, H. S. Jeevan, Jinkui Dong, P. Gegenwart

1210.2654 (J. A. Galvis et al.)

Magnetic and superconducting phase diagrams in ErNi2B2C    [PDF]

J. A. Galvis, M. Crespo, I. Guillamón, H. Suderow, S. Vieira, M. García Hernández, S. Bud'ko, P. C. Canfield

1210.2659 (J. A. Galvis et al.)

Flat band in superconducting layers of 2H-TaSe2    [PDF]

J. A. Galvis, P. Rodière, I. Guillamón, M. R. Osorio, J. G. Rodrigo, L. Cario, E. Navarro-Moratalla, E. Coronado, S. Vieira, H. Suderow

1210.2668 (Miao Gao et al.)

Spin Wave Excitations in AFe$_{1.5}$Se$_2$ (A=K, Tl): Analytical Study    [PDF]

Miao Gao, Xun-Wang Yan, Zhong-Yi Lu

1210.2711 (Hechang Lei et al.)

Magnetism in La2O3(Fe1-xMnx)2Se2 tuned by Fe/Mn ratio    [PDF]

Hechang Lei, Emil S. Bozin, A. Llobet, V. Ivanovski, V. Koteski, J. Belosevic Cavor, B. Cekic, C. Petrovic