Friday, July 27, 2012

1112.4224 (Chang-Jong Kang et al.)

Effects of the Spin-Orbit Coupling and the Superconductivity in
simple-cubic alpha-Polonium

Chang-Jong Kang, Kyoo Kim, B. I. Min

1207.6196 (Chang-Jong Kang et al.)

Electron and phonon band-structure calculations for the antipolar
SrPt$_{3}$P antiperovskite superconductor: Evidence of low-energy
two-dimensional phonons

Chang-Jong Kang, Kyo-Hoon Ahn, Kwan-Woo Lee, B. I. Min

1207.6272 (Diego A. Zocco et al.)

High pressure transport studies of the LiFeAs analogues CuFeTe2 and

Diego A. Zocco, Duygu Y. Tütün, James J. Hamlin, Jason R. Jeffries, Samuel T. Weir, Yogesh K. Vohra, M. Brian Maple

1207.6297 (A. V. Vagov et al.)

Two-band superconductors: Extended Ginzburg-Landau formalism by a
systematic expansion in small deviation from the critical temperature

A. V. Vagov, A. A. Shanenko, M. V. Milošević, V. M. Axt, F. M. Peeters

1207.6298 (Yajiang Chen et al.)

Superconducting transition temperature of Pb nanofilms: Impact of the
thickness-dependent oscillations of the phonon mediated electron-electron

Yajiang Chen, A. A. shanenko, F. M. Peeters

1207.6311 (Teemu Ojanen)

Magnetoelectric effects in superconducting nanowires with Rashba
spin-orbit coupling

Teemu Ojanen

1207.6340 (M. G. Holder et al.)

How chemical pressure affects the fundamental properties of rare-earth
pnictides: an ARPES view

M. G. Holder, A. Jesche, P. Lombardo, R. Hayn, D. V. Vyalikh, K. Kummer, S. Danzenbächer, C. Krellner, C. Geibel, E. D. L. Rienks, S. L. Molodtsov, C. Laubschat