Wednesday, April 17, 2013

1304.4268 (Yi Li et al.)

Spontaneous time-reversal symmetry breaking in the boundary Majorana
flat bands

Yi Li, Da Wang, Congjun Wu

1304.4301 (Leila Rajabi et al.)

Waiting time distributions for the transport through a quantum dot
tunnel coupled to one normal and one superconducting lead

Leila Rajabi, Christina Pöltl, Michele Governale

1304.4386 (P. Srivatsava et al.)

Structural, Electromagnetic, and Thermoelectric properties of Bi4O4S3

P. Srivatsava, Shruti, S. Patnaik

1304.4478 (M Zegrodnik et al.)

Coexistence of spin-triplet superconductivity with magnetism within a
single mechanism for orbitally degenerate correlated electrons:
Statistically-consistent Gutzwiller approximation

M Zegrodnik, J Spa\lek, J Bünemann

1304.4487 (Roman Süsstrunk et al.)

Aharonov-Casher Effect for Plasmons in a Ring of Josephson Junctions    [PDF]

Roman Süsstrunk, Ion Garate, Leonid Glazman

1304.4516 (A. Romanenko et al.)

Dependence of the microwave surface resistance of superconducting
niobium on the magnitude of the rf field

A. Romanenko, A. Grassellino

1304.4533 (Chunqing Deng et al.)

An analysis method for transmission measurements of superconducting
resonators with applications to quantum-regime dielectric-loss measurements

Chunqing Deng, Martin Otto, Adrian Lupascu

1304.4541 (Eduardo H. da Silva Neto et al.)

Detection of electronic nematicity using scanning tunneling microscopy    [PDF]

Eduardo H. da Silva Neto, Pegor Aynajian, Ryan E. Baumbach, Eric D. Bauer, John Mydosh, Shimpei Ono, Ali Yazdani

1304.4568 (Peng Cheng et al.)

Doping effect of Cu and Ni impurities on the Fe-based superconductor

Peng Cheng, Bing Shen, Fei Han, Hai-Hu Wen