Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1202.4492 (M. P. M. Dean et al.)

Observation of magnetically polarized Ir dopant atoms in superconducting

M. P. M. Dean, M. G. Kim, A. Kreyssig, J. W. Kim, X. Liu, P. J. Ryan, A. Thaler, S. L. Bud'ko, W. Strassheim, P. C. Canfield, J. P. Hill, A. I. Goldman

1202.4511 (Qiu-Hong Huo et al.)

Non-Abelian vortices in the emergent gauge theory of the Hubbard model    [PDF]

Qiu-Hong Huo, Yunguo Jiang, Ru-Zhi Wang, Hui Yan

1202.4526 (Matthew W. Brenner et al.)

Dynamics of superconducting nanowires shunted with an external resistor    [PDF]

Matthew W. Brenner, Dibyendu Roy, Nayana Shah, Alexey Bezryadin

1202.4598 (M. Q. Kuang et al.)

Theoretical studies of 63Cu Knight shifts of the normal state of

M. Q. Kuang, S. Y. Wu, Z. H. Zhang, B. T. Song

1202.4718 (A. M. Zagoskin et al.)

Heat cost of parametric generation of microwave squeezed states    [PDF]

A. M. Zagoskin, E. Il'ichev, Franco Nori

1202.4722 (Daniel F. Santavicca et al.)

Proposal for a GHz count rate near-IR single-photon detector based on a
nanoscale superconducting transition edge sensor

Daniel F. Santavicca, Faustin W. Carter, Daniel E. Prober