Thursday, January 10, 2013

1301.1719 (Joydip Ghosh et al.)

High-fidelity CZ gate for resonator-based superconducting quantum

Joydip Ghosh, Andrei Galiautdinov, Zhongyuan Zhou, Alexander N. Korotkov, John M. Martinis, Michael R. Geller

1301.1734 (Y. J. Yan et al.)

Power-law Temperature Dependent Hall Angle in the Normal State and its
Correlation with Superconductivity in iron-pnictides

Y. J. Yan, A. F. Wang, X. G. Luo, Z. Sun, J. J. Ying, G. J. Ye, P. Chen, J. Q. Ma, X. H. Chen

1301.1741 (P. Salas et al.)

Linear and quadratic temperature dependence of electronic specific heat
for cuprates

P. Salas, F. J. Sevilla, M. A. SolĂ­s

1301.1840 (P. Machon et al.)

Nonlocal thermoelectric effects and nonlocal Onsager relations in a
three-terminal proximity-coupled superconductor-ferromagnet device

P. Machon, M. Eschrig, W. Belzig

1301.1845 (Pascale Diener et al.)

In-plane magnetic penetration depth in NbS$_{2}$    [PDF]

Pascale Diener, Maxime Leroux, Laurent Cario, Thierry Klein, Pierre Rodiere

1301.1879 (P. Diener et al.)

S-wave superconductivity probed by measuring magnetic penetration depth
and lower critical field of MgCNi$_{3}$ single crystals

P. Diener, Pierre Rodiere, Thierry Klein, Christophe Marcenat, Jozef Kacmarcik, Zuzana Pribulova, D. J. Jang, H. S. Lee, H. G. Lee, S. I. Lee

1301.1960 (Vladimir Gnezdilov et al.)

Interplay between lattice and spin states degree of freedom in the FeSe
superconductor: dynamic spin state instabilities

Vladimir Gnezdilov, Yurii G. Pashkevich, Peter Lemmens, Dirk Wulferding, Tatiana Shevtsova, Alexander Gusev, Dmitry Chareev, Alexander Vasiliev