Friday, November 30, 2012

1111.5594 (J. P. Hague et al.)

Bilayers of Rydberg atoms as a quantum simulator for unconventional

J. P. Hague, C. MacCormick

1211.6737 (T. Jarlborg et al.)

Different doping from apical and planar oxygen vacancies in
Ba$_{2}$CuO$_{4-δ}$ and La$_{2}$CuO$_{4-δ}$

T. Jarlborg, B. Barbiellini, R. S. Markiewicz, A. Bansil

1211.6787 (Victor K. Kornev et al.)

Active Electrically Small Antenna Based on Superconducting Quantum Array    [PDF]

Victor K. Kornev, Igor I. Soloviev, Alexey V. Sharafiev, Nikolay V. Klenov, Oleg A. Mukhanov

1211.6879 (B. Abdollahipour et al.)

Pumping $ac$ Josephson current in the Single Molecular Magnets by spin

B. Abdollahipour, J. Abouie, A. A. Rostami

1211.6880 (Katsuhiro Suzuki et al.)

Minimum model and its theoretical analysis for superconducting materials
with BiS$_2$ layers

Katsuhiro Suzuki, Hidetomo Usui, Kazuhiko Kuroki

1211.6929 (Ulrich Dobramysl et al.)

Relaxation Dynamics in Type-II Superconductors with Point-like and
Correlated Disorder

Ulrich Dobramysl, Hiba Assi, Michel Pleimling, Uwe C. Täuber

1211.6936 (Analabha Roy)

Nonequilibrium Dynamics of Ultracold Fermi Superfluids    [PDF]

Analabha Roy

1211.7051 (D. C. Duarte et al.)

Non-perturbative description of self-interacting charged scalar field at
finite temperature and in the presence of an external magnetic field

D. C. Duarte, R. L. S. Farias, R. O. Ramos