Friday, May 4, 2012

1101.4656 (Christoph M. Puetter et al.)

Identifying spin-triplet pairing in spin-orbit coupled multi-band

Christoph M. Puetter, Hae-Young Kee

1103.2991 (Giorgio Brida et al.)

Quantum characterization of superconducting photon counters    [PDF]

Giorgio Brida, Luigi Ciavarella, Ivo P. Degiovanni, Marco Genovese, Lapo Lolli, Maria G. Mingolla, Fabrizio Piacentini, Mauro Rajteri, Emanuele Taralli, Matteo G. A. Paris

1205.0598 (Dan-Bo Zhang et al.)

Generalized joint density of states and its application to exploring the
pairing symmetry of superconductors

Dan-Bo Zhang, Qiang Han, Z. D. Wang

1205.0604 (Long Ma et al.)

Quenched Fe Moment in the Collapsed Tetragonal Phase of

Long Ma, G. F. Ji, J. Dai, S. R. Saha, J. Paglione, Weiqiang Yu

1205.0687 (Y. S. Li et al.)

Zero-bias conductance peak observed in Au/FeSe0.3Te0.7 ramp-type
junctions and its implication on the superconducting order parameter

Y. S. Li, J. Y. Luo, M. J. Wang, T. J. Chen, M. K. Wu, C. C. Chi

1205.0723 (G. Campi et al.)

Local structure in Mg1-xAlxB2 system by high resolution neutron

G. Campi, A. Ricci, A. Bianconi

1205.0765 (Mauro M. Doria et al.)

The Principle Of Local Rotational Invariance And The Coexistence Of
Magnetism, Charge And Superconductivity

Mauro M. Doria, Alfredo A. Vargas-Paredes, JosÉ A. HelayËl-Neto

1205.0787 (M. Xu et al.)

Angle-resolved photoemission evidence of s-wave superconducting gap in
KxFe2-ySe2 superconductor

M. Xu, Q. Q. Ge, R. Peng, Z. R. Ye, Juan Jiang, F. Chen, X. P. Shen, B. P. Xie, Y. Zhang, D. L. Feng