Thursday, July 4, 2013

1305.2924 (C. W. J. Beenakker et al.)

Wigner-Poisson statistics of topological transitions in a Josephson

C. W. J. Beenakker, J. M. Edge, J. P. Dahlhaus, D. I. Pikulin, Shuo Mi, M. Wimmer

1307.0542 (Takayoshi Katase et al.)

Magnetic scattering and electron pair breaking by rare-earth-ion
substitution in BaFe2As2 epitaxial films

Takayoshi Katase, Hidenori Hiramatsu, Toshio Kamiya, Hideo Hosono

1307.0546 (Klaus Halterman et al.)

Spin-controlled superconductivity and tunable triplet correlations in
graphene nanostructures

Klaus Halterman, Oriol T. Valls, Mohammad Alidoust

1307.0581 (Grover Larkins et al.)

Periodic steps in the resistance vs. temperature characteristics of
doped graphite and graphene: evidence of superconductivity?

Grover Larkins, Yuriy Vlasov, Kiar Holland

1307.0583 (Takayuki Kubo et al.)

Vortex penetration field of the multilayer coating model    [PDF]

Takayuki Kubo, Yoshihisa Iwashita, Takayuki Saeki

1307.0609 (Sanjib Ghosh et al.)

Shell effect in strongly disordered superconductors    [PDF]

Sanjib Ghosh, Sudhansu S. Mandal

1307.0645 (G. Kalai Selvan et al.)

Hydrostatic pressure effect on Tc of new BiS2 based Bi4O4S3 and
NdO0.5F0.5BiS2 layered superconductors

G. Kalai Selvan, M. Kanagaraj, S. Esakki Muthu, Rajveer Jha, V. P. S. Awana, S. Arumugam

1307.0847 (Y. Jia et al.)

Doubling the Critical Current Density of High Temperature
Superconducting Coated Conductors through Proton Irradiation

Y. Jia, M. LeRoux, D. J. Miller, J. G. Wen, W. K. Kwok, U. Welp, M. W. Rupich, X. Li, S. Sathyamurthy, S. Fleshler, A. P. Malozemoff, A. Kayani, O. Ayala-Valenzuela, L. Civale

1307.0893 (H. Shibata et al.)

Superconducting nanowire single-photon detector with ultralow dark count
rate using cold optical filters

H. Shibata, K. Shimizu, H. Takesue, Y. Tokura

1307.1004 (J. Baranski et al.)

In-gap states of the quantum dot coupled between a normal and
superconducting lead

J. Baranski, T. Domanski