Thursday, July 4, 2013

1307.0847 (Y. Jia et al.)

Doubling the Critical Current Density of High Temperature
Superconducting Coated Conductors through Proton Irradiation

Y. Jia, M. LeRoux, D. J. Miller, J. G. Wen, W. K. Kwok, U. Welp, M. W. Rupich, X. Li, S. Sathyamurthy, S. Fleshler, A. P. Malozemoff, A. Kayani, O. Ayala-Valenzuela, L. Civale
The in-field critical current of commercial YBa2Cu3O7 coated conductors can be substantially enhanced by post-fabrication irradiation with 4 MeV protons. Irradiation to a fluence of 8x10^16 p/cm^2 induces a near doubling of the critical current in fields of 6 T || c at a temperature of 27 K, a field and temperature range of interest for applications such as rotating machinery. A mixed pinning landscape of preexisting precipitates and twin boundaries and small, finely dispersed irradiation induced defects may account for the improved vortex pinning in high magnetic fields. Our data indicate that there is significant head-room for further enhancements.
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