Monday, June 10, 2013

1306.1560 (Yan He et al.)

Theory of Fluctuating Charge Ordering in the Pseudogap Phase of the
Cuprates Via A Preformed Pair Approach

Yan He, Peter Scherpelz, K. Levin

1306.1635 (S. Shahab Naghavi et al.)

Electron doped organics: disproportionated insulators and
Hubbard-Frohlich metals

S. Shahab Naghavi, Michele Fabrizio, Tao Qin, Erio Tosatti

1306.1663 (M. Hachiya et al.)

Field-induced reentrant superconductivity in thin films of nodal

M. Hachiya, K. Aoyama, R. Ikeda

1306.1683 (E. Goldobin et al.)

Memory cell based on a $\varphi$ Josephson junction    [PDF]

E. Goldobin, H. Sickinger, M. Weides, N. Ruppelt, H. Kohlstedt, R. Kleiner, D. Koelle

1306.1697 (Rong Yu et al.)

Orbital-dependent effects of electron correlations in microscopic models
for iron-based superconductors

Rong Yu, Jian-Xin Zhu, Qimiao Si

1306.1815 (Andrea Perucchi et al.)

Transmittance and reflectance measurements at terahertz frequencies on a
superconducting BaFe_{1.84}Co_{0.16}As_2 ultrathin film: an analysis of the
optical gaps in the Co-doped BaFe_2As_2 pnictide

Andrea Perucchi, Leonetta Baldassarre, Boby Joseph, Stefano Lupi, Sanghan Lee, Chang Beom Eom, Jianyi Jiang, Jeremy D. Weiss, Eric E. Hellstrom, Paolo Dore