Monday, June 10, 2013

1306.1560 (Yan He et al.)

Theory of Fluctuating Charge Ordering in the Pseudogap Phase of the
Cuprates Via A Preformed Pair Approach

Yan He, Peter Scherpelz, K. Levin
We study the static and dynamic behavior of charge ordering within a d-wave pair pseudogap (pg) scenario. This is addressed using a density-density correlation function derived from the standard pg self energy, $\Sigma$ and compatible with the longitudinal and transverse sum rules. The broadening factor $\gamma$ in $\Sigma$ reflects the breaking of pairs into constituent fermions. We apply this form for $\Sigma$ (derived elsewhere for high fields) to demonstrate the existence of quantum oscillations in a non-Fermi liquid pg state. Our conclusion is that the pseudogap-induced pairbreaking, via $\gamma$, allows the underlying fermiology to be revealed; in YBCO, finite $\omega$ and $\gamma$ enable antinodal fluctuations, despite the competition with a d-wave gap in the static and superconducting limits.
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