Tuesday, July 9, 2013

1307.1861 (L. P. He et al.)

Full superconducting gap in the doped topological crystalline insulator,

L. P. He, Z. Zhang, J. Pan, X. C. Hong, S. Y. Zhou, S. Y. Li

1307.1887 (Monica De Angelis)

On a parabolic operator of dissipative systems    [PDF]

Monica De Angelis

1307.1908 (H. Z. Arham et al.)

Andreev Reflection Like Enhancement Above Bulk $T_c$ in Electron
Underdoped Iron Arsenides

H. Z. Arham, C. R. Hunt, J. Gillett, S. D. Das, S. E. Sebastian, D. Y. Chung, M. G. Kanatzidis, L. H. Greene

1307.1933 (C. Q. Niu et al.)

Effect of Selenium doping on the superconductivity of

C. Q. Niu, J. H. Yang, Y. K. Li, Bin Chen, N. Zhou, J. Chen, L. L. Jiang, B. Chen, X. X. Yang, Chao Cao, Jianhui Dai, Xiaofeng Xu

1307.2049 (T. Wu et al.)

Emergence of charge order from the vortex state of a high temperature

T. Wu, H. Mayaffre, S. Kramer, M. Horvatic, C. Berthier, P. L. Kuhns, A. P. Reyes, R. Liang, W. N. Hardy, D. A. Bonn, M. -H. Julien

1307.2125 (Sergey L. Bud'ko et al.)

Thermal expansion of CaFe2As2: effect of cobalt doping and post-growth
thermal treatment

Sergey L. Bud'ko, Sheng Ran, Paul C. Canfield

1307.2138 (Franziska Hummel et al.)

Weak magnetism and the Mott-state of vanadium in superconducting

Franziska Hummel, Yixi Su, Anatoliy Senyshyn, Dirk Johrendt