Monday, October 22, 2012

1210.5260 (Michael R. Geller et al.)

Universal quantum simulation with pre-threshold superconducting qubits:
Single-excitation subspace method

Michael R. Geller, John M. Martinis, Andrew T. Sornborger, Phillip C. Stancil, Emily J. Pritchett, Andrei Galiautdinov

1210.5353 (Yanpeng Qi et al.)

Superconductivity in defective pyrite-type iridium chalcogenides IrxCh2
(Ch = Se and Te)

Yanpeng Qi, Satoru Matsuishi, Jiangang Guo, Hiroshi Mizoguchi, Hideo Hosono

1210.5395 (Andreas Engel et al.)

Temperature-dependence of detection efficiency in NbN and TaN SNSPD    [PDF]

Andreas Engel, Kevin Inderbitzin, Andreas Schilling, Robert Lusche, Alexei Semenov, Heinz-Wilhelm Hübers, Dagmar Henrich, Matthias Hofherr, Konstantin Il'in, Michael Siegel

1210.5398 (E. Gati et al.)

Hydrostatic-pressure tuning of magnetic, nonmagnetic and superconducting
states in annealed Ca(Fe$_{1-x}$Co$_x$)$_2$As$_2$

E. Gati, S. Köhler, D. Guterding, B. Wolf, S. Knöner, S. Ran, S. L. Bud'ko, P. C. Canfield, M. Lang

1210.5412 (C. W. J. Beenakker et al.)

Fermion-parity anomaly of the critical supercurrent in the quantum
spin-Hall effect

C. W. J. Beenakker, D. I. Pikulin, T. Hyart, J. P. Dahlhaus

1210.5429 (Yunhua Shi et al.)

YBCO single grains seeded by 45° - 45° bridge-seeds of
different lengths

Yunhua Shi, John H. Durrell, Anthony R. Dennis, David A. Cardwell

1210.5440 (Y. Tokiwa et al.)

Unique phase diagram with narrow superconducting dome in
EuFe$_2$(As$_{1-x}$P$_x$)$_2$ due to Eu$^{2+}$ local magnetic moments

Y. Tokiwa, S. -H. Hübner, O. Beck, H. S. Jeevan, P. Gegenwart

1210.5445 (Björn Zocher et al.)

Surface states and local spin susceptibility in doped three-dimensional
topological insulators with odd-parity superconducting pairing symmetry

Björn Zocher, Bernd Rosenow

1210.5504 (Milan Tomic et al.)

Uniaxial strain effects on the structural and electronic properties of
BaFe2As2 and CaFe2As2

Milan Tomic, Roser Valenti, Harald O. Jeschke

1210.5514 (Jay D. Sau et al.)

A proposal to probe quantum non-locality of Majorana fermions in
tunneling experiments

Jay D. Sau, Brian Swingle, Sumanta Tewari