Tuesday, July 23, 2013

1307.5347 (Peter M. Smith et al.)

Disorder effects on superconducting tendencies in the checkerboard
Hubbard model

Peter M. Smith, Malcolm P. Kennett

1307.5366 (Sangwon Oh et al.)

Microscopic coexistence of a two-component incommensurate spin density
wave with superconductivity in underdoped NaFe$_{0.983}$Co$_{0.017}$As

Sangwon Oh, A. M. Mounce, Jeongseop A. Lee, W. P. Halperin, C. L. Zhang, S. Carr, Pengcheng Dai, A. P. Reyes, P. L. Kuhns

1307.5382 (Kazuaki Matano et al.)

NMR and NQR Studies on Non-centrosymmetric Superconductors Re7B3,
LaBiPt, and BiPd

Kazuaki Matano, Satoki Maeda, Hiroki Sawaoka, Yuji Muro, Toshiro Takabatake, Bhanu Joshi, Srinivasan Ramakrishnan, Kenji Kawashima, Jun Akimitsu, Guo-qing Zheng

1307.5444 (Bo Xiong et al.)

Quantum phase diagram of Rydberg-Dressed Fermi Gases    [PDF]

Bo Xiong, H. H. Jen, Daw-Wei Wang

1307.5506 (Teemu Ojanen)

Majorana states and devices in magnetic structures    [PDF]

Teemu Ojanen

1307.5584 (I. H. Neumann et al.)

Vortex pinning by surface geometry in superfluid helium    [PDF]

I. H. Neumann, R. J. Zieve

1307.5754 (Z. R. Ye et al.)

Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy study on iron-based

Z. R. Ye, Y. Zhang, B. P. Xie, D. L. Feng