Wednesday, April 18, 2012

1109.6681 (Timo Hyart et al.)

Competition between d-wave and topological p-wave superconductivity in
the doped Kitaev-Heisenberg model

Timo Hyart, Anthony R. Wright, Giniyat Khaliullin, Bernd Rosenow

1204.3639 (Matthew S. Foster et al.)

Interaction-mediated surface state instability in disordered
three-dimensional topological superconductors with spin SU(2) symmetry

Matthew S. Foster, Emil A. Yuzbashyan

1204.3692 (Vittorio Giovannetti et al.)

Probing Cooper Pairs with Franson Interferometry    [PDF]

Vittorio Giovannetti, Kazuya Yuasa

1204.3694 (Rafael M. Fernandes et al.)

Manifestations of nematic degrees of freedom in the magnetic, elastic,
and superconducting properties of the iron pnictides

Rafael M. Fernandes, J/"org Schmalian

1204.3796 (Gaku Eguchi et al.)

Pressure study of the noncentrosymmetric 5d-electron superconductors
CaMSi3 (M= Ir, Pt)

Gaku Eguchi, Friedrich Kneidinger, Leonid Salamakha, Singo Yonezawa, Yoshiteru Maeno, Ernst Bauer

1204.3837 (Viktor O. Ledenyov et al.)

Influence by proximity effect on ultrasound attenuation in Cu-Nb
composite system at low temperatures

Viktor O. Ledenyov, Dimitri O. Ledenyov, Oleg P. Ledenyov, Mikhail A. Tikhonovsky