Monday, October 29, 2012

1210.7075 (N. B. Kopnin et al.)

Surface superconductivity in rhombohedral graphite    [PDF]

N. B. Kopnin, T. T. Heikkila

1210.7104 (Dawid Borycki)

Enhancement of superconductivity by external magnetic field in magnetic

Dawid Borycki

1210.7131 (F. L. Pratt et al.)

Odd-frequency pairing in (TMTSF)2ClO4    [PDF]

F. L. Pratt, T. Lancaster, S. J. Blundell, C. Baines

1210.7152 (Andrea V. Hoffmann et al.)

Synthesis and structure of SrCo2Si2 and CaRh2Si2 - isoelectronic
variants of the parent superconductors AeFe2As2 and study of the influence of
the valence electron count in CaFe2-xRhxSi2

Andrea V. Hoffmann, Viktor Hlukhyy, Thomas F. Fässler

1210.7187 (M. J. Martinez-Perez et al.)

Fully-Balanced Heat Interferometer    [PDF]

M. J. Martinez-Perez, F. Giazotto

1210.7232 (N. Pompeo et al.)

Directional vortex pinning at microwave frequency in
YBa$_{2}$Cu$_3$O$_{7-x}$ thin films with BaZrO$_3$ nanorods

N. Pompeo, K. Torokhtii, A. Augieri, G. Celentano, V. Galluzzi, E. Silva