Thursday, June 14, 2012

1010.0936 (Shinsei Ryu et al.)

Electromagnetic and gravitational responses and anomalies in topological
insulators and superconductors

Shinsei Ryu, Joel E. Moore, Andreas W. W. Ludwig

1105.1198 (A. M. Zhang et al.)

Effect of iron content and potassium substitution in
A$_{0.8}$Fe$_{1.6}$Se$_2$ (A = K, Rb, Tl) superconductors: a Raman-scattering

A. M. Zhang, K. Liu, J. H. Xiao, J. B. He, D. M. Wang, G. F. Chen, B. Normand, Q. M. Zhang

1206.2684 (Ian Marquette et al.)

Integrability of an extended d+id-wave pairing Hamiltonian    [PDF]

Ian Marquette, Jon Links

1206.2687 (Jon Links et al.)

Deconfined quantum criticality and generalised exclusion statistics in a
non-hermitian BCS model

Jon Links, Amir Moghaddam, Yao-Zhong Zhang

1206.2699 (Anh D. Phan et al.)

Repulsive Casimir force between silicon dioxide and superconductor    [PDF]

Anh D. Phan, N. A. Viet

1206.2731 (Kenji Kondo et al.)

Half-Quantum Vortices in Thin Film of Superfluid $^3$He    [PDF]

Kenji Kondo, Tetsuo Ohmi, Mikio Nakahara, Takuto Kawakami, Yasumasa Tsutsumi, Kazushige Machida

1206.2739 (Yuto Ito et al.)

Impurity Effects on Superconductivity on Surfaces of Topological

Yuto Ito, Youhei Yamaji, Masatoshi Imada

1206.2741 (Y. Texier et al.)

Mn local moments prevent superconductivity in iron-pnictides Ba(Fe 1-x
Mn x)2As2

Y. Texier, Y. Laplace, P. Mendels, J. T. Park, G. Friemel, D. L. Sun, D. S. Inosov, C. T. Lin, J. Bobroff

1206.2776 (I. Felner et al.)

Anisotropy of the upper critical fields and the paramagnetic Meissner
effect in La1.85Sr0.15CuO4 single Crystals

I. Felner, M. I. Tsindlekht, G. Drachuck, A. Keren

1206.2853 (A. Finkler et al.)

Scanning superconducting quantum interference device on a tip for
magnetic imaging of nanoscale phenomena

A. Finkler, D. Vasyukov, Y. Segev, L. Ne'eman, E. O. Lachman, M. L. Rappaport, Y. Myasoedov, E. Zeldov, M. E. Huber

1206.2891 (H. M. Hodovanets et al.)

Thermoelectric power of Ba(Fe1-xCox)2As2, 0\leqx\leq0.05, and
Ba(Fe1-xRhx)2As2, (0\leqx\leq0.171)

H. M. Hodovanets, A. Thaler, E. Mun, N. Ni, S. L. Bud'ko, P. C. Canfield