Thursday, January 31, 2013

1201.1908 (Yuan-Ming Lu et al.)

Majorana fermions in spin-singlet nodal superconductors with coexisting
non-collinear magnetic order

Yuan-Ming Lu, Ziqiang Wang

1301.7100 (Nicholas Chancellor et al.)

Scalable universal holonomic quantum computation realized with an
adiabatic quantum data bus and potential implementation using superconducting
flux qubits

Nicholas Chancellor, Stephan Haas

1301.7146 (M. Weigand et al.)

Strong Enhancement of the Critical Current at the Antiferromagnetic
Transition in ErNi2B2C Single Crystals

M. Weigand, L. Civale, F. J. Baca, Jeehoon Kim, S. L. Bud'ko, P. C. Canfield, B. Maiorov

1301.7298 (Aleksandra Petković et al.)

Fluctuation AC conductivity of disordered superconducting films    [PDF]

Aleksandra Petković, Valerii M. Vinokur

1301.7333 (Lu Li et al.)

Phase fluctuations versus Gaussian fluctuations in optimally-doped

Lu Li, Yayu Wang, N. P. Ong

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1301.4135 (L. Li et al.)

Superconductivity and Strong Non-Fermi-Liquid Behavior in Single-Crystal

L. Li, T. F. Qi, L. S. Lin, X. X. Wu, X. T. Zhang, K. Butrouna, V. S. Cao, Y. H. Zhang, Jiangping Hu, P. Schlottmann, L. E. Delong, G. Cao

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1301.6274 (Sedigheh Deldar et al.)

Interaction between Vortices in CFL Phase    [PDF]

Sedigheh Deldar, Hadi Lookzadeh

1301.6276 (K. W. Murch et al.)

Suppression of the radiative decay of atomic coherence in squeezed

K. W. Murch, S. J. Weber, K. M. Beck, Eran Ginossar, I. Siddiqi

1301.6283 (M. Motta et al.)

Enhancement of pinning properties of superconducting thin films by
graded pinning landscapes

M. Motta, F. Colauto, W. A. Ortiz, J. Fritzsche, J. Cuppens, W. Gillijns, V. V. Moshchalkov, T. H. Johansen, A. Sanchez, A. V. Silhanek

1301.6342 (Jiangping Hu)

Extended $η$-Pairing $B_{2u}$ d-wave State and Pairing Symmetry
Classification in Iron-Based Superconductors

Jiangping Hu

1301.6396 (J. Murphy et al.)

Angular-dependent upper critical field of overdoped

J. Murphy, M. A. Tanatar, D. Graf, J. S. Brooks, S. L. Bud'ko, P. C. Canfield, V. G. Kogan, R. Prozorov

1301.6436 (Ece Uykur et al.)

Coexistence of the Pseudogap and the Superconducting Gap Revealed by the
\textit{c}-axis Optical Study of

Ece Uykur, Kiyohisa Tanaka, Takahiko Masui, Shigeki Miyasaka, Setsuko Tajima

1301.6445 (Takashi Yamane et al.)

Impurity scattering effect on the zero-energy peak of the local density
of states in a multi-quantum vortex core

Takashi Yamane, Yuki Nagai, K. Tanaka, Nobuhiko Hayashi

1301.6497 (Alireza Akbari et al.)

Evolution of the multiband RKKY interaction: Application to iron
pnictides and chalcogenides

Alireza Akbari, Peter Thalmeier, Ilya Eremin

1301.6590 (V. V. Braguta et al.)

Vortex liquid in magnetic-field-induced superconducting vacuum of
quenched lattice QCD

V. V. Braguta, P. V. Buividovich, M. N. Chernodub, A. Yu. Kotov, M. I. Polikarpov

Monday, January 28, 2013

1211.4548 (Hui-Fei Zhai et al.)

Superconductivity, charge- or spin-density wave, and metal-nonmetal
transition in BaTi$_{2}$(Sb$_{1-x}$Bi$_{x}$)$_{2}$O

Hui-Fei Zhai, Wen-He Jiao, Yun-Lei Sun, Jin-Ke Bao, Hao Jiang, Xiao-Jun Yang, Zhang-Tu Tang, Qian Tao, Xiao-Feng Xu, Yu-Ke Li, Chao Cao, Jian-Hui Dai, Zhu-An Xu, Guang-Han Cao

1301.5909 (M. A. Silaev)

Self-consistent electronic structure of multiquantum vortices in
superconductors at $T\ll T_c$

M. A. Silaev

1301.6003 (S. Chaudhuri et al.)

Niobium nitride-based normal metal-insulator-superconductor tunnel
junction microthermometer

S. Chaudhuri, M. R. Nevala, I. J. Maasilta

1301.6053 (Jayanta Sarkar et al.)

Differential Bloch Oscillating Transistor Pair    [PDF]

Jayanta Sarkar, Antti Puska, Juha Hassel, Pertti J. Hakonen

1301.6054 (H. Kim et al.)

Magnetic penetration depth in single crystals of SrPd$_2$Ge$_2$

H. Kim, N. H. Sung, B. K. Cho, M. A. Tanatar, R. Prozorov

1301.6128 (Darius H. Torchinsky et al.)

Fluctuating charge density waves in a cuprate superconductor    [PDF]

Darius H. Torchinsky, Fahad Mahmood, Anthony T. Bollinger, Ivan Božović, Nuh Gedik

1301.6142 (S. Yeninas et al.)

Upper critical field of isoelectron substituted

S. Yeninas, M. A. Tanatar, J. Murphy, C. P. Strehlow, O. E. Ayala-Valenzuela, R. D. McDonald, U. Welp, W. K. Kwok, T. Kobayashi, S. Miyasaka, S. Tajima, R. Prozorov

1301.6146 (M. A. Silaev)

Majorana fermions on the Abrikosov flux lattice in a $p_x+ip_y$

M. A. Silaev

1301.6155 (S. M. Hollen et al.)

Collapse of the Cooper pair phase coherence length at a superconductor
to insulator transition

S. M. Hollen, G. E. Fernandes, J. M. Xu, J. M. Valles Jr

1301.6159 (S. M. Hollen et al.)

Cooper Pair Insulator phase induced in amorphous Pb$_0.9$Bi$_0.1$ thin

S. M. Hollen, J. Shainline, J. M. Xu, J. M. Valles Jr

Friday, January 25, 2013

1301.5662 (Maximilian Kiesel et al.)

Anisotropic chiral d+id superconductivity in NaxCoO2 yH2O    [PDF]

Maximilian Kiesel, Christian Platt, Werner Hanke, Ronny Thomale

1301.5675 (Miguel C. N. Fiolhais et al.)

Electrodynamics of Perfect Conductors    [PDF]

Miguel C. N. Fiolhais, Hanno Essén

1301.5689 (Soumya P. Mukherjee et al.)

Derivation of the superconducting gap equation for the
noncentrosymmetric superconductor Li2Pt3B

Soumya P. Mukherjee, Tetsuya Takimoto

1301.5752 (Takashi Uchino)

Towards a complete understanding of pseudogap and pairing mechanisms in
high-temperature superconducting cuprates

Takashi Uchino

1301.5797 (B. G. Lazarev et al.)

The advanced setup for synthesis of composite long-length
superconducting tape of Nb3Sn

B. G. Lazarev, B. V. Borts, P. A. Kutsenko, O. P. Ledenyov, E. Yu. Roskoshnaya, V. I. Sokolenko

1301.5805 (V. D. Lakhno)

Translation-invariant bipolarons and the problem of high-temperature

V. D. Lakhno

1301.5888 (John M. Tranquada et al.)

Superconductivity, Antiferromagnetism, and Neutron Scattering    [PDF]

John M. Tranquada, Guangyong Xu, Igor A. Zaliznyak

Thursday, January 24, 2013

1301.5339 (Jan Carl Budich)

Charge conservation protected topological phases    [PDF]

Jan Carl Budich

1301.5341 (T. Shen et al.)

Processing long-length Ag-sheathed Bi2Sr2CaCu2Ox wires for high critical
current density: internal gases and creep of Ag at high temperatures

T. Shen, A. Ghosh, L. Cooley, J. Jiang

1301.5355 (N. Haldolaarachchige et al.)

Superconducting and Critical Current Properties of NiBi3 Thin Films on
Carbon Microfibers and Sapphire

N. Haldolaarachchige, Y. M. Xiong, P. W. Adams, D. P. Young

1301.5466 (I. Felner et al.)

Superconductivity in Sulfur-Doped Amorphous Carbon Films    [PDF]

I. Felner, O. Wolf, O. Millo

1301.5517 (M. Monni et al.)

Theoretical investigation of FeTe magnetic ordering under hydrostatic

M. Monni, F. Bernardini, G. Profeta, S. Massidda

1301.5542 (Oleg P. Ledenyov et al.)

Superconductivity of interface layer at contact between normal metal and
high temperature superconductor

Oleg P. Ledenyov, Valery A. Frolov

1301.5556 (Oliver Bodensiek et al.)

Unconventional Superconductivity from Local Spin Fluctuations in the
Kondo Lattice

Oliver Bodensiek, Rok Zitko, Matthias Vojta, Mark Jarrell, Thomas Pruschke

1301.5597 (R. Mittal et al.)

Spin-Lattice Coupling in K0.8Fe1.6Se2 and KFe2Se2: Inelastic Neutron
Scattering and ab-initio Phonon Calculations

R. Mittal, M. K. Gupta, S. L. Chaplot, M. Zbiri, S. Rols, H. Schober, Y. Su, Th. Brueckel, T. Wolf

1301.5622 (J. Murphy et al.)

Nodal superconductivity in isovalently substituted
SrFe$_2$(As$_{1-x}$P$_{x}$)$_2$ pnictide superconductor at the optimal
doping, $x=$0.35

J. Murphy, C. P. Strehlow, K. Cho, M. A. Tanatar, N. Salovich, R. W. Giannetta, T. Kobayashi, S. Miyasaka, S. Tajima, R. Prozorov

1301.5629 (Luyang Wang et al.)

Quantum oscillations of the specific heat in d-wave superconductors with
loop current order

Luyang Wang, Oskar Vafek

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1109.5519 (M. I. Tsindlekht et al.)

AC conductivity of a niobium thin film in a swept magnetic field    [PDF]

M. I. Tsindlekht, V. M. Genkin, S. Gazi, S. Chromik

1301.4999 (J. E. Hirsch)

Prediction of unexpected behavior of the mean inner potential of

J. E. Hirsch

1301.5164 (Kirill G. Fedorov et al.)

Josephson vortex coupled to a flux qubit    [PDF]

Kirill G. Fedorov, Anastasia V. Shcherbakova, Roland Schäfer, Alexey V. Ustinov

1301.5182 (Shu-feng Zhang et al.)

Josephson junction on one edge of a two dimensional topological
insulator affected by magnetic impurity

Shu-feng Zhang, Wei Zhu, Qing-feng Sun

1301.5251 (Carmine Senatore et al.)

Formation and upper critical fields of the two distinct A15 phases in
the subelements of Powder-In-Tube Nb3Sn wires

Carmine Senatore, Rene Flukiger

1301.5257 (M. Abdel-Hafiez et al.)

Evidence for Line Nodes in the Superconducting Gap of
K_(1-x)Na_xFe_2As_2 (x = 0, 0.1) Single Crystals from Low-Temperature
Specific-Heat Measurements

M. Abdel-Hafiez, V. Grinenko, S. Aswartham, I. Morozov, M. Roslova, O. Vakaliuk, S. -L. Drechsler, S. Johnston, D. V. Efremov, J. van den Brink, H. Rosner, M. Kumar, C. Hess, S. Wurmehl, A. U. B. Wolter, B. Buechner, E. L. Green, J. Wosnitza, P. Vogt, A. Reifenberger, C. Enss, R. Klingeler

1301.5269 (I. M. Yurin)

The He II Theory Preserving the Symmetry of the Initial Hamiltonian of
the System

I. M. Yurin

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

1110.4388 (M. Reibelt et al.)

Current driven pinning strength in the vortex lattice of Nb3Sn aided by
a small oscillating magnetic field

M. Reibelt, N. Toyota

1301.4509 (R. Arpaia et al.)

Improved nanopatterning for YBCO nanowires approaching the depairing

R. Arpaia, S. Nawaz, F. Lombardi, T. Bauch

1301.4696 (Mao Zheng et al.)

Uniform Oxyge Doping Leads to Superconductivity in FeTe Films    [PDF]

Mao Zheng, Hefei Hu, Can Zhang, Brian Mulcahy, Jianmin Zuo, James Eckstein

1301.4818 (T. Yoshida et al.)

Importance of both spin and orbital fluctuations in BaFe2(As1-xPx)2 :
Evidence from superconducting gap anisotropy

T. Yoshida, S. Ideta, T. Shimojima, W. Malaeb, K. Shinada, H. Suzuki, I. Nishi, A. Fujimori, K. Ishizaka, S. Shin, Y. Nakashima, H. Anzai, M. Arita, A. Ino, H. Namatame, M. Taniguchi, H. Kumigashira, K. Ono, S. Kasahara, T. Shibauchi, T. Terashima, Y. Matsuda, M. Nakajima, S. Uchida, Y. Tomioka, T. Ito, K. Kihou, C. H. Lee, A. Iyo, H. Eisaki, H. Ikeda, R. Arita, T. Saito, S. Onari, H. Kontani

1301.4836 (R. Roldan et al.)

Interactions and superconductivity in heavily doped MoS2    [PDF]

R. Roldan, E. Cappelluti, F. Guinea

1301.4882 (Shahid Nawaz et al.)

Josephson-like behavior in YBa$_2$Cu$_3$O$_{7-δ}$ nano-bridges
carrying the depairing current

Shahid Nawaz, Riccardo Arpaia, Floriana Lomabrdi, Thilo Bauch

1301.4942 (Ilija Zeljkovic et al.)

Nanoscale Surface Element Identification and Dopant Homogeneity in the
High-$T_c$ Superconductor Pr$_x$Ca$_{1-x}$Fe$_2$As$_2$

Ilija Zeljkovic, Dennis Huang, Can-Li Song, Bing Lv, Ching-Wu Chu, Jennifer E. Hoffman

Monday, January 21, 2013

1301.4347 (Nikolay M. Plakida et al.)

On the theory of superconductivity in the extended Hubbard model:
Spin-fluctuation pairing

Nikolay M. Plakida, Viktor S. Oudovenko

1301.4365 (E. D. L. Rienks et al.)

Electronic structure and quantum criticality in
Ba(Fe$_{1-x-y}$Co$_{x}$Mn$_{y}$)$_{2}$As$_{2}$, an ARPES study

E. D. L. Rienks, T. Wolf, K. Koepernik, I. Avigo, P. Hlawenka, C. Lupulescu, T. Arion, F. Roth, W. Eberhardt, U. Bovensiepen, J. Fink

1301.4395 (T. Scheike et al.)

Granular superconductivity at room temperature in bulk highly oriented
pyrolytic graphite samples

T. Scheike, P. Esquinazi, A. Setzer, W. Böhlmann

1301.4400 (M. Diez et al.)

Phase-locked magnetoconductance oscillations as a probe of Majorana edge

M. Diez, I. C. Fulga, D. I. Pikulin, M. Wimmer, A. R. Akhmerov, C. W. J. Beenakker

1301.4433 (Arijit Kundu et al.)

Transport signatures of Floquet Majorana fermions in driven topological

Arijit Kundu, Babak Seradjeh

1301.4436 (J. Emhofer et al.)

Stress dependence of the critical currents in neutron irradiated (RE)BCO
coated conductors

J. Emhofer, M. Eisterer, H. W. Weber

1301.4458 (C. Lang et al.)

Probing Correlations, Indistinguishability and Entanglement in Microwave
Two-Photon Interference

C. Lang, C. Eichler, L. Steffen, J. M. Fink, M. J. Woolley, A. Blais, A. Wallraff

1301.4487 (I K Dimitrov et al.)

Unusual persistence of superconductivity against high magnetic fields in
the strongly-correlated iron-chalcogenide film FeTe:O$_{x}$

I K Dimitrov, W D Si, W Ku, S J Han, J Jaroszynski

Thursday, January 17, 2013

1301.3511 (M. Eschrig et al.)

Comment on "Unified Formalism of Andreev Reflection at a
Ferromagnet/Superconductor Interface" by T.Y. Chen, et al

M. Eschrig, A. A. Golubov, I. I. Mazin, B. Nadgorny, Y. Tanaka, O. T. Valls, Igor Zutic

1301.3561 (R. T. Gordon et al.)

Conventional superconductivity and hysteretic Campbell penetration depth
in single crystals MgCNi$_3$

R. T. Gordon, N. D. Zhigadlo, S. Weyeneth, S. Katrych, R. Prozorov

1301.3579 (Yan Zheng et al.)

High Pressure Evolution of the Specific Heat of a BaFe(1-xCox)2As2 Iron
Pnictide Superconductor

Yan Zheng, Yuxing Wang, Anna E. Böhmer, Thomas Wolf, Christoph Meingast, R. Lortz

1301.3612 (Laetitia Pascal et al.)

On the Existence of an Independent Phonon Bath in a Quantum Device    [PDF]

Laetitia Pascal, Aurelien Fay, Clemens Winkelmann, Hervé Courtois

1301.3623 (Yantao Li et al.)

Floquet poor man's Majorana fermions in double quantum dots    [PDF]

Yantao Li, Yankui Wang, Fan Zhong

1301.3674 (J. Baranski et al.)

Replicas of the Fano resonances induced by phonons in a subgap Andreev

J. Baranski, T. Domanski

1301.3713 (A. B. Shick et al.)

Unified character of correlation effects in unconventional Pu-based
superconductors and δ-Pu

A. B. Shick, J. Kolorenc, J. Rusz, P. M. Oppeneer, A. I. Lichtenstein, M. I. Katsnelson, R. Caciuffo

1301.3719 (R. S. Gonnelli et al.)

Point-contact spectroscopy in Co-doped CaFe2As2: nodal superconductivity
and topological Fermi surface transition

R. S. Gonnelli, M. Tortello, D. Daghero, R. K. Kremer, Z. Bukowski, N. D. Zhigadlo, J. Karpinski

1301.3736 (B. A. Gray et al.)

Enhanced Spin and Electronic Reconstructions at the Cuprate-Manganite

B. A. Gray, E. J. Moon, I. C. Tung, M. Kareev, Jian Liu, D. J. Meyers, M. J. Bedzyk, J. W. Freeland, J. Chakhalian

1301.3757 (D. Daghero et al.)

Effects of isoelectronic Ru substitution at the Fe site on the energy
gaps of optimally F-doped SmFeAsO

D. Daghero, M. Tortello, G. A. Ummarino, V. A. Stepanov, F. Bernardini, M. Tropeano, M. Putti, R. S. Gonnelli

1301.3782 (R. S. Gonnelli et al.)

The order-parameter symmetry and Fermi surface topology of 122 Fe-based
superconductors: a point-contact Andreev-reflection study

R. S. Gonnelli, M. Tortello, D. Daghero, P. Pecchio, S. Galasso, V. A. Stepanov, Z. Bukowski, N. D. Zhigadlo, J. Karpinski, K. Iida, B. Holzapfel

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1301.3153 (Luigi Longobardi et al.)

Microstrip filters for measurement and control of superconducting qubits    [PDF]

Luigi Longobardi, Douglas A. Bennett, Vijay Patel, Wei Chen, James E. Lukens

1301.3161 (David Pekker et al.)

Proposal for coherent coupling of Majorana and fluxonium qubits    [PDF]

David Pekker, Chang-Yu Hou, Vladimir Manucharyan, Eugene Demler

1301.3162 (Luigi Longobardi et al.)

Direct transition from quantum escape to phase diffusion regime in
YBaCuO biepitaxial Josephson Junctions

Luigi Longobardi, Davide Massarotti, Daniela Stornaiuolo, Luca Galletti, Giacomo Rotoli, Floriana Lombardi, Francesco Tafuri

1301.3184 (E. M. Levenson-Falk et al.)

A dispersive nanoSQUID magnetometer for ultra-low noise, high bandwidth
flux detection

E. M. Levenson-Falk, R. Vijay, N. Antler, I. Siddiqi

1301.3254 (Hideyuki Miyahara et al.)

Development of a two-particle self-consistent method for multi-orbital
systems and its application to unconventional superconductors

Hideyuki Miyahara, Ryotaro Arita, Hiroaki Ikeda

1301.3282 (Ginestra Bianconi)

Superconductor-insulator transition in a network of 2d percolation

Ginestra Bianconi

1301.3326 (Om Prakash et al.)

Superconductivity in a low carrier density system: A single crystal
study of cubic Y$_3$Ru$_4$Ge$_{13}$

Om Prakash, A. Thamizhavel, A. K. Nigam, S. Ramakrishnan

1301.3327 (Peter I. Polyakov)

Linear laws of volume elasticity in the properties and structural phase
transitions: physical process of the parameter effect (TPH) in

Peter I. Polyakov

1301.3337 (Jelmer Renema et al.)

Nanowire Superconducting Single Photon Detectors are Energy Detectors    [PDF]

Jelmer Renema, Giulia Frucci, Zili Zhou, Francesco Mattioli, Allesandro Gaggero, Roberto Leoni, Michiel J. A. de Dood, Andrea Fiore, Martin P. van Exter

1301.3363 (Gentaro Watanabe et al.)

Aspects of superfluid cold atomic gases in optical lattices    [PDF]

Gentaro Watanabe, Sukjin Yoon

1301.3401 (Jianyi Jiang et al.)

Reduction of gas bubbles and improved critical current density in
Bi-2212 round wire by swaging

Jianyi Jiang, Hanping Miao, Yibing Huang, Seung Hong, Jeff A. Parrell, Christian Scheuerlein, Marco Di Michiel, Arup K. Ghosh, Ulf P. Trociewitz, Eric E. Hellstrom, David C. Larbalestier

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

1301.2657 (Maxime Leroux et al.)

Charge Density Wave and Superconducting Properties in Single Crystals of

Maxime Leroux, Pierre Rodiere, Christine Opagiste

1301.2668 (Xiaxin Ding et al.)

Three dimensional spider-web-like superconducting filamentary paths in
KxFe2-ySe2 single crystals

Xiaxin Ding, Delong Fang, Zhenyu Wang, Huan Yang, Jianzhong Liu, Qiang Deng, Guobin Ma, Chong Meng, Yuhui Hu, Hai-Hu Wen

1301.2743 (Jonathan Rosenberg et al.)

Flux quantization for a superconducting ring in the shape of a Möbius

Jonathan Rosenberg, Yehoshua Dan Agassi

1301.2748 (S. Y. Tan et al.)

Interface-induced superconductivity and strain-dependent spin density
wave in FeSe/SrTiO3 thin films

S. Y. Tan, M. Xia, Y. Zhang, Z. R. Ye, F. Chen, X. Xie, R. Peng, D. F. Xu, Q. Fan, H. C. Xu, J. Juan, T. Zhang, X. C. Lai, T. Xiang, J. P. Hu, B. P. Xie, D. L. Feng

1301.2863 (Peiwen Gao et al.)

Scaling of pressure-induced and doping-induced superconductivity in the
Ca10(PtnAs8)(Fe2As2)5 arsenides

Peiwen Gao, Liling Sun, Ni Ni, Jing Guo, Qi Wu, Chao Zhang, Dachun Gu, Ke Yang, Sheng Jiang, Robert Joseph Cava, Zhongxian Zhao

1301.2865 (J. Huo et al.)

Spin Density Wave Fluctuations and p-wave Pairing in Sr2RuO4    [PDF]

J. Huo, T. M. Rice, Fu-Chun Zhang

1301.2896 (J. Sichelschmidt et al.)

Far-infrared optical conductivity of CeCu2Si2    [PDF]

J. Sichelschmidt, A. Herzog, H. S. Jeevan, C. Geibel, F. Steglich, T. Iizuka, S. Kimura

1301.3032 (J. B. He et al.)

Superconductivity in Pd-intercalated charge-density-wave rare earth
poly-tellurides RETen

J. B. He, P. P. Wang, H. X. Yang, Y. J. Long, L. X. Zhao, C. Ma, D. M. Wang, X. C. Shangguan, Z. A. Ren, J. Q. Li, G. F. Chen

Monday, January 14, 2013

1102.3674 (Wei Bao et al.)

Superconductivity tuned by the iron vacancy order in K$_{\bf x}$Fe$_{\bf

Wei Bao, G. N. Li, Q. Huang, G. F. Chen, J. B. He, M. A. Green, Y. Qiu, D. M. Wang, J. L. Luo

1301.2344 (T. Jonckheere et al.)

Multipair DC-Josephson Resonances in a biased all-superconducting

T. Jonckheere, J. Rech, T. Martin, B. Douçot, D. Feinberg, R. Mélin

1301.2380 (Xi Lin et al.)

Superconductivity induced by La doping in Sr1-xLaxFBiS2 system    [PDF]

Xi Lin, Xinxin Ni, Bin Chen, Xiaofeng Xu, Xuxin Yang, Jianhui Dai, Yuke Li, Xiaojun Yang, Yongkang Luo, Qian Tao, Guanghan Cao, Zhuan Xu

1301.2395 (A. S. Moskvin)

Perspectives of the disproportionation driven superconductivity in
strongly correlated 3d compounds

A. S. Moskvin

1301.2413 (Songxue Chi et al.)

Neutron Scattering Study on Spin Dynamics in Superconducting

Songxue Chi, Feng Ye, Wei Bao, Minghu Fang, H. D. Wang, C. H. Dong, A. T. Savici, G. E. Granroth, M. B. Stone, R. S. Fishman

1301.2564 (O. -A. Adami et al.)

Superconducting properties of corner-shaped Al microstrips    [PDF]

O. -A. Adami, D. Cerbu, D. Cabosart, M. Motta, J. Cuppens, W. A. Ortiz, V. V. Moshchalkov, B. Hackens, R. Delamare, J. Van de Vondel, A. V. Silhanek

1301.2568 (Hao Guo et al.)

Fundamental Constraints on Linear Response Theories of Fermi Superfluids
Above and Below $T_c$

Hao Guo, Chih-Chun Chien, Yan He, Kathryn Levin

Friday, January 11, 2013

1301.2163 (S. Berggren et al.)

Development of 2D Bi-SQUID Arrays with High Linearity    [PDF]

S. Berggren, G. Prokopenko, P. Longhini, A. Palacios, O. A. Mukhanov, A. Leese de Escobar, B. J. Taylor, M. C. de Andrade, M. Nisenoff, R. L. Fagaly, T. Wong, E. Cho, E. Wong, V. In

1301.1979 (Alex Hayat et al.)

Hybrid high-temperature superconductor-semiconductor tunnel diode    [PDF]

Alex Hayat, Parisa Zareapour, Shu Yang F. Zhao, Achint Jain, Igor G. Savelyev, Marina Blumin, Zhijun Xu, Alina Yang, G. D. Gu, Harry E. Ruda, Shuang Jia, R. J. Cava, Aephraim M. Steinberg, Kenneth S. Burch

1301.2068 (Ting-Pong Choy et al.)

Magnetic impurities on the surface of topological superconductor    [PDF]

Ting-Pong Choy, K. T. Law, Tai-Kai Ng

1301.2089 (E. J. Calegari et al.)

Pseudogap and the specific heat of high $T_c$ superconductors    [PDF]

E. J. Calegari, S. G. Magalhaes, C. M. Chaves, A. Troper

Thursday, January 10, 2013

1301.1719 (Joydip Ghosh et al.)

High-fidelity CZ gate for resonator-based superconducting quantum

Joydip Ghosh, Andrei Galiautdinov, Zhongyuan Zhou, Alexander N. Korotkov, John M. Martinis, Michael R. Geller

1301.1734 (Y. J. Yan et al.)

Power-law Temperature Dependent Hall Angle in the Normal State and its
Correlation with Superconductivity in iron-pnictides

Y. J. Yan, A. F. Wang, X. G. Luo, Z. Sun, J. J. Ying, G. J. Ye, P. Chen, J. Q. Ma, X. H. Chen

1301.1741 (P. Salas et al.)

Linear and quadratic temperature dependence of electronic specific heat
for cuprates

P. Salas, F. J. Sevilla, M. A. Solís

1301.1840 (P. Machon et al.)

Nonlocal thermoelectric effects and nonlocal Onsager relations in a
three-terminal proximity-coupled superconductor-ferromagnet device

P. Machon, M. Eschrig, W. Belzig

1301.1845 (Pascale Diener et al.)

In-plane magnetic penetration depth in NbS$_{2}$    [PDF]

Pascale Diener, Maxime Leroux, Laurent Cario, Thierry Klein, Pierre Rodiere

1301.1879 (P. Diener et al.)

S-wave superconductivity probed by measuring magnetic penetration depth
and lower critical field of MgCNi$_{3}$ single crystals

P. Diener, Pierre Rodiere, Thierry Klein, Christophe Marcenat, Jozef Kacmarcik, Zuzana Pribulova, D. J. Jang, H. S. Lee, H. G. Lee, S. I. Lee

1301.1960 (Vladimir Gnezdilov et al.)

Interplay between lattice and spin states degree of freedom in the FeSe
superconductor: dynamic spin state instabilities

Vladimir Gnezdilov, Yurii G. Pashkevich, Peter Lemmens, Dirk Wulferding, Tatiana Shevtsova, Alexander Gusev, Dmitry Chareev, Alexander Vasiliev

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

1301.0863 (S. -K. Yip)

Models of Superconducting Cu:Bi2Se3: single versus two-band description    [PDF]

S. -K. Yip

1301.0912 (Jorge Berger)

Characterization of the spontaneous symmetry breaking due to quenching
of a one-dimensional superconducting loop

Jorge Berger

1301.0942 (Sudip Chakravarty)

Comments on Kerr effect and gyrotropic order in cuprates    [PDF]

Sudip Chakravarty

1301.0972 (Takeshi Kondo et al.)

Anomalous dressing of Dirac fermions in the topological surface state of
Bi2Se3, Bi2Te3, and CuxBi2Se3

Takeshi Kondo, Y. Nakashima, Y. Ota, Y. Ishida, W. Malaeb, K. Okazaki, S. Shin, M. Kriener, Satoshi Sasaki, Kouji Segawa, Yoichi Ando

1301.0976 (Daisuke Maruyama et al.)

Spin Susceptibility in Non-centrosymmetric Superconductors with
Topological Transition of Fermi Surfaces

Daisuke Maruyama, Youichi Yanase

1301.1012 (Xiao-Jun Zheng et al.)

Spontaneous Fermi surface deformation in the three-band Hubbard model: A
variational Monte Carlo study

Xiao-Jun Zheng, Zhong-Bing Huang, Liang-Jian Zou

1301.1030 (Haibing Peng et al.)

Absence of zero-energy surface bound states in CuxBi2Se3 via a study of
Andreev reflection spectroscopy

Haibing Peng, Debtanu De, Bing Lv, Fengyan Wei, Ching-Wu Chu

1301.1189 (R. Wölbing et al.)

Optimizing the spin sensitivity of grain boundary junction nanoSQUIDs --
towards detection of small spin systems with single-spin resolution

R. Wölbing, T. Schwarz, J. Nagel, M. Kemmler, D. Koelle, R. Kleiner

1301.1216 (Y. Huang et al.)

Formation of the density wave energy gap in Na$_2$Ti$_2$Sb$_2$O: an
optical spectroscopy study

Y. Huang, H. P. Wang, W. D. Wang, Y. G. Shi, N. L. Wang

1301.1267 (Wei Wu et al.)

Correlated Dirac Particles and Superconductivity on the Honeycomb

Wei Wu, Michael M. Scherer, Carsten Honerkamp, Karyn Le Hur

1301.1274 (Roberto Monaco et al.)

Self-field effects in window-type Josephson tunnel junctions    [PDF]

Roberto Monaco, Valery P. Koshelets, Anna Mukhortova, Jesper Mygin

1301.1289 (K. J. Zhou et al.)

Persistent high-energy spin excitations in iron pnictide superconductors    [PDF]

K. J. Zhou, Y. B. Huang, C. Monney, X. Dai, V. N. Strocov, N. L. Wang, Z. G. Chen, Chenglin Zhang, Pengcheng Dai, L. Patthey, J. van den Brink, H. Ding, T. Schmitt

Monday, January 7, 2013

1212.6320 (Kazutaka Nishiguchi et al.)

Superconductivity assisted by inter-layer pair hopping in multi-layered

Kazutaka Nishiguchi, Kazuhiko Kuroki, Ryotaro Arita, Takashi Oka, Hideo Aoki

1301.0639 (Yousuke Mizohata et al.)

Multiple-gap structure in electric-field-induced surface

Yousuke Mizohata, Masanori Ichioka, Kazushige Machida

1301.0691 (Alejandro Barranco)

Supersymmetric BCS: Effects of an external magnetic field and spatial
fluctuations of the gap

Alejandro Barranco

1301.0694 (Byeong Hun Min et al.)

Optical properties of iron-based superconductor LiFeAs single crystal    [PDF]

Byeong Hun Min, Jong Beom Hong, Dawood Ahmad, Jae Hyun Yoon, Takuya Iizuka, Shin-ichi Kimura, Yunkyu Bang, Yong Seung Kwon

1301.0778 (Mustafa Bal et al.)

Ultrasensitive magnetic field detection using a single artificial atom    [PDF]

Mustafa Bal, Chunqing Deng, Jean-Luc Orgiazzi, Florian Ong, Adrian Lupascu

1301.0781 (Liliana Hromadová et al.)

Structure change, layer sliding, and metallization in high-pressure

Liliana Hromadová, Roman Martoňák, Erio Tosatti

Friday, January 4, 2013

1104.3767 (V. V. Braguta et al.)

Electromagnetic superconductivity of vacuum induced by strong magnetic
field: numerical evidence in lattice gauge theory

V. V. Braguta, P. V. Buividovich, M. N. Chernodub, A. Yu. Kotov, M. I. Polikarpov

1301.0397 (Martin Truchly et al.)

Studies of YBa2Cu3O6+x degradation and surface conductivity properties
by Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy

Martin Truchly, Tomas Plecenik, Ondrej Krsko, Maros Gregor, Leonid Satrapinsky, Tomas Roch, Branislav Grancic, Marian Mikula, Agata Dujavova, Stefan Chromik, Peter Kus, Andrej Plecenik

1301.0440 (Philipp Jung et al.)

Low-loss tunable metamaterials using superconducting circuits with
Josephson junctions

Philipp Jung, Susanne Butz, Sergey V. Shitov, Alexey V. Ustinov

1301.0509 (V. Svitlyk et al.)

Crystal Structure of BaFe2Se3 as a Function of Temperature and Pressure:
Phase Transition Phenomena and High-Order Expansion of Landau Potential

V. Svitlyk, D. Chernyshov, E. Pomjakushina, A. Krzton-Maziopa, K. Conder, V. Pomjakushin, R. Pottgen, V. Dmitriev

1301.0521 (S. Parham et al.)

Pair Breaking Caused by Magnetic Impurities in the High-T$_\text{C}$
Superconductor Bi$_{2.1}$Sr$_{1.9}$Ca(Cu$_{1-x}$Fe$_{x}$)$_{2}$O$_{y}$

S. Parham, T. J. Reber, Y. Cao, J. A. Waugh, Z. Xu, J. Schneeloch, R. D. Zhong, G. Gu, G. Arnold, D. S. Dessau

1301.0535 (J. D. Strand et al.)

First-order sideband transitions with flux-driven asymmetric transmon

J. D. Strand, Matthew Ware, Félix Beaudoin, T. A. Ohki, B. R. Johnson, Alexandre Blais, B. L. T. Plourde

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1103.1158 (Sangwoo S. Chung et al.)

Numerical Simulation of the Nernst Effect in Extreme Type-II
Superconductors: A Negative Nernst Signal and its Noise Power Spectra

Sangwoo S. Chung, Paata Kakashvili, C. J. Bolech

1111.4139 (S. I. Matveenko et al.)

Stripes and superconductivity in the two-dimensional self-consistent

S. I. Matveenko, S. I. Mukhin, F. V. Kusmartsev

1212.6472 (Pabitra Mandal et al.)

High sensitivity differential Magneto-Optical Imaging with a compact

Pabitra Mandal, Debanjan Chowdhury, S. S. Banerjee, T. Tamegai

1212.6476 (Yuta Koshika et al.)

Effects of Annealing under Tellurium Vapor for
Fe$_{1.03}$Te$_{0.8}$Se$_{0.2}$ Single Crystals

Yuta Koshika, Tomohiro Usui, Shintaro Adachi, Takao Watanabe, Kouhei Sakano, Shalamujiang Simayi, Masahito Yoshizawa

1212.6484 (Osamu Narikiyo)

Ward identities for extended objects    [PDF]

Osamu Narikiyo

1212.6496 (T. Hajiri et al.)

Magnetic origin of high-energy kink structure in heavily electron-doped

T. Hajiri, T. Ito, R. Niwa, S. Hirate, M. Matsunami, B. H. Min, Y. S. Kwon, S. Kimura

1212.6564 (Brooke M. Jeries et al.)

Probing the Locally Generated Even and Odd Order Nonlinearity in
Y-Ba-Cu-O and Tl-Ba-Ca-Cu-O (2212) Microwave Resonators around TC

Brooke M. Jeries, Sean R. Cratty, S. K. Remillard

1212.6597 (Dong Hang)

Character of square lattice with triangle units on two dimensional plane    [PDF]

Dong Hang

1212.6691 (Guojun Zhu)

BEC-BCS Crossover with Feshbach Resonance for Three-Hyperfine-Species

Guojun Zhu

1212.6779 (Alejandro M. Lobos et al.)

Phase coherence in one-dimensional superconductivity by power-law

Alejandro M. Lobos, Masaki Tezuka, Antonio M. García-García

1212.6826 (Zhen Zheng et al.)

Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov Phases in Two-dimensional Spin-Orbit
Coupled Degenerate Fermi Gases

Zhen Zheng, Ming Gong, Yichao Zhang, Xubo Zou, Chuanwei Zhang, Guangcan Guo

1212.6895 (Konrad Kapcia et al.)

The magnetic field induced phase separation in a model of a
superconductor with local electron pairing

Konrad Kapcia, Stanisław Robaszkiewicz

1212.6926 (P. D. Grigoriev)

Longitudinal interlayer magnetoresistance in quasi-2D metals    [PDF]

P. D. Grigoriev