Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1111.5582 (A. Moor et al.)

Josephson-like spin current in junctions composed of antiferromagnets
and ferromagnets

A. Moor, A. F. Volkov, K. B. Efetov

1112.2578 (Huan Yang et al.)

Vortex images on Ba{1-x}KxFe2As2 observed directly by the magnetic force

Huan Yang, Bing Shen, Zhenyu Wang, Lei Shan, Cong Ren, Hai-Hu Wen

1201.6435 (Hang Dong)

Existence of electronic dipole lattice on CuO2 plane of cuprate

Hang Dong

1201.6446 (Jhinhwan Lee)

A high-resolution cross-sectional analysis for Fourier-transform
scanning tunneling spectroscopy and fully-phased Green-function-based
quasiparticle scattering theories

Jhinhwan Lee

1201.6494 (Moshe Dayan)

Principles of the Field Theory of High Temperature Superconductivity in
Underdoped Copper-Oxides

Moshe Dayan

1201.6522 (Chunlei Wang et al.)

Effect of starting materials on the superconducting properties of
SmFeAsO1-xFx tapes

Chunlei Wang, Chao Yao, Xianping Zhang, Zhaoshun Gao, Dongliang Wang, Chengduo Wang, He Lin, Yanwei Ma, Satoshi Awaji, Kazuo Watanabe