Wednesday, June 5, 2013

1305.7219 (G. E. Volovik et al.)

Higgs bosons in particle physics and in condensed matter    [PDF]

G. E. Volovik, M. A. Zubkov

1306.0141 (Roland Grein et al.)

Inverse proximity effect and influence of disorder on triplet
supercurrents in strongly spin-polarized ferromagnets

Roland Grein, Tomas Lofwander, Matthias Eschrig

1306.0147 (Yong-Lei Wang et al.)

Enhancing the Critical Current of a Superconducting Film in a Wide Range
of Magnetic Fields with a Conformal Array of Nanoscale Holes

Yong-Lei Wang, M. L. Latimer, Zhi-Li Xiao, R. Divan, L. E. Ocola, G. W. Crabtree, Wai-Kwong Kwok

1306.0429 (Roland Hott et al.)

Review on Superconducting Materials    [PDF]

Roland Hott, Reinhold Kleiner, Thomas Wolf, Gertrud Zwicknagl

1306.0462 (Yu. M. Shukrinov et al.)

Breathing Charge Density Waves in Intrinsic Josephson Junctions    [PDF]

Yu. M. Shukrinov, H. Abdelhafiz

1306.0510 (R. Di Candia et al.)

Embedding Quantum Simulators for Quantum Computation of Entanglement    [PDF]

R. Di Candia, B. Mejia, H. Castillo, J. S. Pedernales, J. Casanova, E. Solano

1306.0521 (R. M. Fernandes et al.)

Scaling between magnetic and lattice fluctuations in iron-pnictide

R. M. Fernandes, A. E. Böhmer, C. Meingast, J. Schmalian

1306.0652 (Chang C. Tsuei)

Majorana bound states in d-wave superconductor-based hybrid systems    [PDF]

Chang C. Tsuei