Friday, March 29, 2013

1303.6956 (Andrew C. Potter et al.)

Edge-Ferromagnetism from Majorana Flat-Bands: Application to Split
Tunneling-Conductance Peaks in the High-Tc Cuprates

Andrew C. Potter, Patrick A. Lee

1303.7022 (Seung Hwan Hong et al.)

Angle and frequency dependence of self-energy from spin fluctuations
mediated d-wave pairing for high temperature superconductors

Seung Hwan Hong, Han-Yong Choi

1303.7036 (Dibyendu Roy et al.)

Nature of the zero-bias conductance peak associated with Majorana bound
states in topological phases of semiconductor-superconductor hybrid

Dibyendu Roy, C. J. Bolech, Nayana Shah

1303.7141 (N. S. Sidorov et al.)

Superconductivity of Mg/MgO interface formed by shock-wave pressure    [PDF]

N. S. Sidorov, A. V. Palnichenko, D. V. Shakhrai, V. V. Avdonin, O. M. Vyaselev, S. S. Khasanov

1303.7151 (A. Endo et al.)

On-chip filter bank spectroscopy at 600-700 GHz using NbTiN
superconducting resonators

A. Endo, C. Sfiligoj, S. J. C. Yates, J. J. A. Baselmans, D. J. Thoen, S. M. H. Javadzadeh, P. P. van der Werf, A. M. Baryshev, T. M. Klapwijk

1303.7153 (L. -F. Zhang et al.)

Vortex states in nanoscale superconducting squares: the influence of
quantum confinement

L. -F. Zhang, L. Covaci, M. V. Milošević, G. R. Berdyiorov, F. M. Peeters