Monday, September 24, 2012

1209.4668 (D. J. Singh)

Electronic structure, disconnected Fermi surfaces and antiferromagnetism
in the layered pnictide superconductor Na$_x$Ba$_{1-x}$Ti$_2$Sb$_2$O

D. J. Singh

1209.4672 (A. G. Lebed et al.)

Non-analytical Angular Dependence of the Upper Critical Magnetic Field
in a Quasi-One-Dimensional Superconductor

A. G. Lebed, O. Sepper

1209.4689 (Hiroya Tanaka et al.)

Strongly connected ex-situ MgB2 polycrystalline bulks fabricated by
solid-state self-sintering

Hiroya Tanaka, Akiyasu Yamamoto, Jun-ichi Shimoyama, Hiraku Ogino, Kohji Kishio

1209.4739 (M. Rössle et al.)

Electric-field-induced pyroelectric order and localization of the
confined electrons in LaAlO3/SrTiO3 heterostructures

M. Rössle, K. W. Kim, A. Dubroka, P. Marsik, C. N. Wang, R. Jany, C. Richter, J. Mannhart, C. W. Schneider, A. Frano, P. Wochner, Y. Lu, B. Keimer, D. K. Shukla, J. Strempfer, C. Bernhard

1209.4743 (R. Schuster et al.)

Angular Dependent Spectral-Weight Transfer and Evidence for Symmetry
Broken In-Plane Charge Response in Ca$_{1.9}$Na$_{0.1}$CuO$_2$Cl$_2$

R. Schuster, S. Pyon, M. Knupfer, M. Azuma, M. Takano, H. Takagi, B. Büchner

1209.4753 (Z. Shermadini et al.)

Super°uid density and superconducting gaps of RbFe_{2}As_{2} as a
function of hydrostatic pressure

Z. Shermadini, H. Luetkens, A. Maisuradze, R. Khasanov, Z. Bukowski, H. -H. Klauss, A. Amato

1209.4841 (B. Cheng et al.)

Electronic properties of 3d transitional metal pnictides : A comparative
study by optical spectroscopy

B. Cheng, B. F. Hu, R. Y. Chen, G. Xu, P. Zheng, J. L. Luo, N. L. Wang

1209.4853 (Michael R. Vissers et al.)

Proximity-Coupled Ti/TiN Multilayers for use in Kinetic Inductance

Michael R. Vissers, Jiansong Gao, Martin Sandberg, Shannon M. Duff, David S. Wisbey, Kent D. Irwin, David P. Pappas