Tuesday, October 23, 2012

0907.0632 (B. Crouzy et al.)

On magnetic interference patterns in long disordered Josephson junctions    [PDF]

B. Crouzy, D. A. Ivanov

1108.3028 (Cédric Weber et al.)

Scaling of the transition temperature of hole-doped cuprate
superconductors with the charge-transfer energy

Cédric Weber, Chuck-Hou Yee, Kristjan Haule, Gabriel Kotliar

1210.5536 (Xiao Lin et al.)

Anisotropic magnetization and resistivity of single crystalline
RNi1-xBi2+-y (R = La-Nd, Sm, Gd-Dy)

Xiao Lin, Warren E. Straszheim, Sergey L. Bud'ko, Paul C. Canfield

1210.5571 (C. J. S. Truncik et al.)

Nodal quasiparticle dynamics in the heavy fermion superconductor CeCoIn5
revealed by precision microwave spectroscopy

C. J. S. Truncik, W. A. Huttema, P. J. Turner, S. Özcan, N. C. Murphy, P. R. Carrière, E. Thewalt, K. J. Morse, A. J. Koenig, J. L. Sarrao, D. M. Broun

1210.5576 (N. Xu et al.)

Electronic band structure of BaCo$_{2}$As$_2$: a fully-doped
ferropnictide with reduced electronic correlations

N. Xu, P. Richard, A. van Roekeghem, P. Zhang, H. Miao, W. -L. Zhang, T. Qian, M. Ferrero, A. S. Sefat, S. Biermann, H. Ding

1210.5714 (Masaya Fujioka et al.)

Effect of the indium addition on the superconducting property and the
impurity phase in polycrystalline SmFeAsO1-xFx

Masaya Fujioka, Toshinori Ozaki, Hiroyuki Takeya, Keita Deguchi, Satoshi Demura, Hiroshi Hara, Tohru Watanabe, Denholme Saleem James, Hiroyuki Okazaki, Takahide Yamaguchi, Hiroaki Kumakura, Yoshihiko Takano

1210.5799 (Joydip Ghosh et al.)

Surface code with decoherence: An analysis of three superconducting

Joydip Ghosh, Austin G. Fowler, Michael R. Geller

1210.5889 (K. Deguchi et al.)

Superconductivity in Fe1+dTe0.9Se0.1 induced by deintercalation of
excess Fe using alcoholic beverage treatment

K. Deguchi, S. Demura, H. Hara, T. Watanabe, S. J. Denholme, M. Fujioka, H. Okazaki, T. Ozaki, H. Takeya, T. Yamaguchi, Y. Takano

1210.5914 (Y. Tomita et al.)

NMR Investigation of the iron-based superconductors
Ca4(Mg,Ti)3Fe2As2O8-y and Ca5(Sc,Ti)4Fe2As2O11-y

Y. Tomita, H. Kotegawa, Y. Tao, H. Tou, H. Ogino, S. Horii, K. Kishio, J. Shimoyama

1210.5929 (John R. Clem)

Inductances and attenuation constant for a thin-film superconducting
coplanar waveguide resonator

John R. Clem

1210.5972 (A. Sacuto et al.)

New insights into the phase diagram of the copper oxide superconductors
from electronic Raman scattering

A. Sacuto, Y. Gallais, M. Cazayous, M. -A. Measson, G. D. Gu, D. Colson

1210.5982 (Behnood G. Ghamsari et al.)

High-Temperature Superconducting Multi-Band Radio-Frequency Metamaterial

Behnood G. Ghamsari, John Abrahams, Steven M. Anlage