Wednesday, March 13, 2013

1303.2687 (Shusa Deng et al.)

Multiband s-wave topological superconductors: role of dimensionality and
magnetic field response

Shusa Deng, Gerardo Ortiz, Lorenza Viola

1303.2695 (Bayrammurad Saparov et al.)

Crystals, magnetic and electronic properties of a new ThCr2Si2-type
BaMn2Bi2 and K-doped compositions

Bayrammurad Saparov, Athena S. Sefat

1303.2710 (J. E. Hirsch)

Apparent increase in the thickness of superconducting particles at low
temperatures measured by electron holography

J. E. Hirsch

1303.2767 (G. Li et al.)

Vortex lock-in transition and evidence for transitions among
commensurate kinked vortex configurations in single-layered Fe arsenides

G. Li, G. Grissonnanche, B. S. Conner, F. Wolff-Fabris, C. Putzke, N. D. Zhigadlo, S. Katrych, Z. Bukowski, J. Karpinski, L. Balicas

1303.2855 (U. B. Paramanik et al.)

Reentrant Superconductivity in Ir-doped Eu(Fe1-xIrx)2As2    [PDF]

U. B. Paramanik, Debarchan Das, R. Prasad, Z. Hossain

1303.2871 (Tetsuro Saito et al.)

Nodal gap structure in Fe-based superconductors due to the competition
between orbital and spin fluctuations

Tetsuro Saito, Seiichiro Onari, Hiroshi Kontani

1303.2893 (Federico Cilento et al.)

In search for the pairing glue in cuprates by non-equilibrium optical

Federico Cilento, Stefano Dal Conte, Giacomo Coslovich, Francesco Banfi, Gabriele Ferrini, Hiroshi Eisaki, Martin Greven, Andrea Damascelli, Dirk van der Marel, Fulvio Parmigiani, Claudio Giannetti

1303.2918 (F. Kos et al.)

Frequency-dependent admittance of a short superconducting weak link    [PDF]

F. Kos, S. E. Nigg, L. I. Glazman

1303.2940 (Björn Zocher et al.)

Robustness of Topological Order in Semiconductor-Superconductor
Nanowires in the Coulomb Blockade Regime

Björn Zocher, Mats Horsdal, Bernd Rosenow

1303.2961 (F. F. Tafti et al.)

Change of pairing symmetry in the iron-based superconductor KFe2As2    [PDF]

F. F. Tafti, A. Juneau-Fecteau, M. -E. Delage, S. Rene de Cotret, J. -Ph. Reid, A. F. Wang, X. -G. Luo, X. H. Chen, N. Doiron-Leyraud, Louis Taillefer

1303.2978 (Youichi Yamakawa et al.)

Effect of realistic finite-size impurities on Tc in Fe-based
superconductors based on the five-orbital tight-binding model

Youichi Yamakawa, Seiichiro Onari, Hiroshi Kontani

1303.2982 (Sergey S. Pershoguba et al.)

Possible chiral structure in the pseudogap phase of cuprates    [PDF]

Sergey S. Pershoguba, Kostyantyn Kechedzhi, Victor M. Yakovenko

1303.2998 (Bitan Roy et al.)

$Z_2$ index for gapless fermionic modes in the vortex core of three
dimensional paired Dirac fermions

Bitan Roy, Pallab Goswami