Monday, June 10, 2013

1306.1815 (Andrea Perucchi et al.)

Transmittance and reflectance measurements at terahertz frequencies on a
superconducting BaFe_{1.84}Co_{0.16}As_2 ultrathin film: an analysis of the
optical gaps in the Co-doped BaFe_2As_2 pnictide

Andrea Perucchi, Leonetta Baldassarre, Boby Joseph, Stefano Lupi, Sanghan Lee, Chang Beom Eom, Jianyi Jiang, Jeremy D. Weiss, Eric E. Hellstrom, Paolo Dore
Here we report an optical investigation in the terahertz region of a 40 nm ultrathin BaFe$_{1.84}$Co$_{0.16}$As$_2$ superconducting film with superconducting transition temperature T$_c$ = 17.5 K. A detailed analysis of the combined reflectance and transmittance measurements showed that the optical properties of the superconducting system can be described in terms of a two-band, two-gap model. The zero temperature value of the large gap $\Delta_B$, which seems to follow a BCS-like behavior, results to be $\Delta_B$(0) = 17 cm$^{-1}$. For the small gap, for which $\Delta_A$(0) = 8 cm$^{-1}$, the temperature dependence cannot be clearly established. These gap values and those reported in the literature for the BaFe$_{2-x}$Co$_{x}$As$_2$ system by using infrared spectroscopy, when put together as a function of T$_c$, show a tendency to cluster along two main curves, providing a unified perspective of the measured optical gaps. Below a temperature around 20 K, the gap-sizes as a function of T$_c$ seem to have a BCS-like linear behavior, but with different slopes. Above this temperature, both gaps show different supra-linear behaviors.
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