Wednesday, April 24, 2013

1304.6221 (S. Felicetti et al.)

Photon transfer in ultrastrongly coupled three-cavity arrays    [PDF]

S. Felicetti, G. Romero, D. Rossini, R. Fazio, E. Solano
We study the photon transfer along a linear array of three coupled cavities where the central one contains an interacting two-level system in the strong and ultrastrong coupling regimes. We find that an inhomogeneously coupled array forbids a complete single-photon transfer between the external cavities when the central one performs a Jaynes-Cummings dynamics. This is not the case in the ultrastrong coupling regime, where the system exhibits singularities in the photon transfer time as a function of the cavity-qubit coupling strength. Our model can be implemented within the state-of-the-art circuit quantum electrodynamics technology and it represents a building block for studying photon state transfer through scalable cavity arrays.
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