Friday, May 3, 2013

1305.0131 (Panagiotis Kotetes)

Classification of engineered topological superconductors    [PDF]

Panagiotis Kotetes
I perform a complete classification of 2d, quasi-1d and 1d topological superconductors which originate from the suitable combination of inhomogeneous Rashba spin-orbit coupling, magnetism and superconductivity. My analysis reveals alternative types of topological superconducting platforms for which Majorana fermions are accessible. Specifically, I observe that for quasi-1d systems with Rashba spin-orbit coupling and time-reversal violating superconductivity, Majorana fermions can in priniciple emerge even in the absence of magnetism. Furthermore, for the classification I also consider situations where additional "hidden" symmetries emerge, with a significant impact on the topological properties of the system. The latter, generally originate from a combination of space group and complex conjugation operations that separately do not leave the Hamiltonian invariant. Finally, I suggest alternative directions in topological quantum computing for systems with additional unitary symmetries
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