Tuesday, May 7, 2013

1305.1090 (Shun-Li Yu et al.)

Spin fluctuations and pairing symmetry in A$_{x}$Fe$_{2-y}$Se$_{2}$:
dual effect of the itinerant and the localized nature of electrons

Shun-Li Yu, Jia Guo, Jian-Xin Li
We investigate the spin fluctuations and the pairing symmetry in A$_{x}$Fe$_{2-y}$Se$_{2}$ by the fluctuation exchange approximation. Besides the on-site interactions, the next-nearest-neighbor antiferromagnetic coupling $J_{2}$ is also included. We find that both the itinerant and the localized natures of electrons are important to describe the recent experimental results of the spin fluctuations and the pairing symmetry. In particular, a small $J_{2}$ coupling can change the pairing gap from the d-wave symmetry to the s-wave symmetry. We have also studied the real-space structures of the gap functions for different orbits in order to gain more insight on the nature of the pairing mechanism.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1305.1090

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