Monday, May 20, 2013

1305.3979 (I. A. Nekrasov et al.)

Comparative Study of Electronic structure of New Superconductors
(Sr,Ca)Pd2As2 and related compound BaPd2As2

I. A. Nekrasov, M. V. Sadovskii
This paper presents the comparative study of LDA calculated electronic structure of new isostructural to iron based systems superconductors (Sr,Ca)Pd2As2 with Tc about 1K and similar but structurally different system BaPd2As2. Despite chemical formula looks similar to iron superconductors and even main structural motif is the same - layers of Fe square lattices, electronic structure of (Sr,Ca)Pd2As2 and BaPd2As2 differs from Fe(As,Se)-HTSC completely. All these systems have essentially three dimensional Fermi surfaces in contrast to Fe(As,Se) materials. The Fermi level is crossed by low intensive tails of Pd-4d and As-4p states. However (Sr,Ca)Pd2As2 and BaPd2As2 materials have rather well developed peaks of Pd-4d(x2-y2) band. Thus by doping of about 2 holes per unit cell one can increase density of states at the Fermi level by a factor about 2.5. Since experimentally these compounds were found to be simple BCS superconductors the hole doping may considerably increase Tc. LDA calculated total densities of states at the Fermi level for stoichiometric systems perfectly agree with experimental estimates signifying rather small role of electronic correlations.
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