Wednesday, May 22, 2013

1305.4923 (Mathias S. Scheurer et al.)

Non-adiabatic processes in Majorana qubit systems    [PDF]

Mathias S. Scheurer, Alexander Shnirman
We investigate the non-adiabatic processes occurring during the manipulations of Majorana qubits in 1-D semiconducting wires with proximity induced superconductivity. Majorana qubits are usually protected by the excitation gap. Yet, manipulations performed at a finite pace can introduce both decoherence and renormalization effects. Though exponentially small for slow manipulations, these effects are important as they may constitute the ultimate decoherence mechanism. Moreover, as adiabatic topological manipulations fail to produce a universal set of quantum gates, non-adiabatic manipulations might be necessary to perform quantum computation.
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