Wednesday, June 19, 2013

1306.4282 (Jie Ren et al.)

Asymmetric Andreev Reflection Induced Hall-like Effects in
Metal/Anisotropic Superconductor Junctions

Jie Ren, Jian-Xin Zhu
By investigating the nonequilibrium transport across a metal/superconductor junction in both nonrelativistic and relativistic cases, we uncover that the asymmetric Andreev reflection with anisotropic superconductors is able to induce the electric and thermal Hall-like effect, in the absence of magnetic field. That is, the longitudinal electric voltage or temperature bias can induce the transverse electric or thermal currents merely through the asymmetric Andreev reflection, respectively. In particular, the transverse thermoelectric effect, i.e., the Ettingshausen-like effect, is identified, although the conjugate Nernst effect is absent. The direction change of these electric and thermal Hall-like currents is also discussed. The Hall-like effects uncovered here do not require the conventional time-reversal symmetry breaking, but rather originate from the mirror symmetry breaking with respect to the interface normal due to the anisotropic paring symmetry of the superconductor.
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