Thursday, June 20, 2013

1306.4459 (Jan Carl Budich et al.)

Equivalent topological invariants for 1D Majorana wires in symmetry
class D

Jan Carl Budich, Eddy Ardonne
Topological superconductors in one spatial dimension exhibiting a single Majorana bound state at each end are distinguished from trivial gapped systems by a Z_2 topological invariant. Originally, this invariant was calculated by Kitaev in terms of the Pfaffian of the Majorana representation of the Hamiltonian: The sign of this Pfaffian divides the set of all gapped quadratic forms of Majorana fermions into two inequivalent classes. In the more familiar Bogoliubov de Gennes mean field description of superconductivity, an emergent particle hole symmetry gives rise to a quantized Zak-Berry phase the value of which is also a topological invariant. In this work, we explicitly show the equivalence of these two formulations by relating both of them to the phase winding of the transformation matrix that brings the Majorana representation matrix of the Hamiltonian into its Jordan normal form.
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