Monday, July 8, 2013

1307.1575 (Liping Zou)

Non-Abrikosov vortices in liquid metallic hydrogen    [PDF]

Liping Zou
We consider non-Abrikosov vortex solutions in liquid metallic hydrogen (LMH) in the framework of two-component Ginzburg-Landau model. We have shown that there are three types of non-Abrikosov vortices depending on chosen boundary conditions at the core of vortices, namely, Neumann (N)-type, Dirichlet (D)-type and Gross-Pitaevskii (GP)-type vortices. The Neumann-type vortex has a non-vanishing condensation at the core, that is different from the ordinary vortex, and the magnetic flux could be reversed as well in LMH. Furthermore, we have obtained a new type of a neutral vortex which has no magnetic field. The presence of such a vortex is related to metallic superfluid state suggested by Babaev.
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