Friday, July 19, 2013

1307.4877 (G. Kalai Selvan et al.)

Hydrostatic pressures dependence of superconductivity in PrO0.5F0.5BiS2

G. Kalai Selvan, M. Kanagaraj, Rajveer Jha, V. P. S. Awana, S. Arumugam
In this communication, we report the temperature dependence (3 to 300K) of the electrical resistivity of BiS2 based layered PrO0.5F0.5BiS2 superconductor at ambient and hydrostatic pressure of up to 3GPa. It is observed that Tc increases with pressure at the rate of dTc/dP=0.45/GPa for PrO0.5F0.5BiS2 compound. It is envisaged that one may increase the Superconducting transition temperature (Tc) of recently discovered PrO0.5F0.5BiS2 superconductor by applying hydrostatic external or internal chemical pressure via suitable on site substitutions.
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