Monday, July 22, 2013

1307.5112 (Wang Zhen et al.)

Microstructure and Structural Phase Transitions in Iron-Based

Wang Zhen, Cai Yao, Yang Huai-Xin, Tian Huan-Fang, Wang Zhi-Wei, Ma Chao, Chen Zhen, Li Jian-Qi
Crystal structures and microstructural features, such as structural phase transitions, defect structures, chemical and structural inhomogeneities, are known to have profound effects on the physical properties of superconducting materials. Recently, a large amount of works on the structural properties of Fe-based high-Tc superconductors have been published. This review article will mainly focus on typical microstructural features in samples that have been well characterized by physical measurements. (a) Certain common structural features are discussed. In particular, crystal structural features for different superconducting families, local structural distortions in the Fe2Pn2 (Pn=P, As, Sb) or Fe2Ch2 (Ch=S, Se, Te) blocks, and structural transformations in the 122 system. (b) In FeTe(Se) (11-family), the superconductivity, chemical and structural inhomogeneities are investigated and discussed in correlation with superconductivity. (c) In K0.8Fe1.6+xSe2 system, we focus on typical compounds with emphasis on Fe-vacancy order and phase separations. The microstructural features in other superconducting materials are also briefly discussed.
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