Thursday, May 23, 2013

1305.5221 (Luca Lepori et al.)

Fractional Vortices with Non-Abelian Modes in Ultracold Color-flavor
Locked Phases

Luca Lepori, Andrea Trombettoni, Walter Vinci
We describe an ultracold fermionic set-up where it is possible to synthesize a phase with symmetry obtained by locking independent invariance groups of the normal state. Labeling as colors two species of the mixture and as flavors the other two, we consider the experimentally realistic situation where the symmetries acting on these doublets are global and we show that a color-flavor locked phase can be obtained. Due to its peculiar symmetry, this phase can host exotic soliton structures, as vortices with semi-integer flux and gapless non-Abelian Goldstone modes localized on them. The scenario proposed displays remarkable similarities to what arises in ultra-dense QCD matter, as in the core of some neutron stars. A discussion about the experimental detection of the non-Abelian fractional vortices is as well provided.
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