Thursday, April 18, 2013

1304.4812 (A. Anghel)

A Note on the Stability of Cable-in-Conduit Conductors with Current
Dependent Power-Law Index

A. Anghel
A new stability criterion for cable-in-conduit superconductors with power-law current-voltage characteristic and current dependent power-law index, $n=n(I_c)$ is given. After a short discussion of the power-law volt-ampere characteristic, different models of stability are discussed with special stress on the differences to the older stability models. A typical stability case, the extended cryostability is analyzed in detail. This model is characterized by a smooth superconducting to normal transition and a power-law type heat generation. The change in the helium temperature, typical for a cable-in-conduit conductor, is included in the calculation. Finally, the connection and interrelation aspects between the two common approximations of the voltage-current characteristic of the technical superconductors, the power-law and the exponential function are investigated. It is shown that the exponential form is incompatible with the power-law form if the power-law index is a function of temperature and magnetic field. An alternative exponential form is proposed.
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