Thursday, April 18, 2013

1304.4828 (V. V. Baranov et al.)

Dynamics of resistive state in thin superconducting channels    [PDF]

V. V. Baranov, A. G. Balanov, V. V. Kabanov
We theoretically study how the dynamics of the resistive state in narrow superconducting channels shunted by an external resistor depends on channel's length $L$, the applied current $j$, and parameter $u$ characterizing the penetration depth of the electric field in the nonequilibrium superconductors. We show that changing $u$ dramatically affects both the behaviour of the current-voltage characteristics of the superconducting channels and the dynamics of their order parameter. Previously, it was demonstrated that when $u$ is less than the critical value $u_{c1}$, which does not depend on $L$, the phase slip centers appear simultaneously at different spots of the channel. Herewith, for $u>u_{c1}$ these centres arise consecutively at the same place. In our work we demonstrate that there is another critical value for $u$. Actually, if $u$ does not exceed a certain value $u_{c2}$, which depends on $L$, the current-voltage characteristic exhibits the step-like behaviour. However, for $u>u_{c2}$ it becomes hysteretic. In this case, with increase of $j$ the steady state, which corresponds to the time independent distribution of the order parameter along the channel, losses its stability at switching current value $j_{sw}$, and time periodic oscillations of both the order parameter and electric filed occur in the channel. As $j$ sweeps down, the periodic dynamics ceases at certain retrapping current value $j_rView original:

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