Thursday, April 18, 2013

1304.4869 (G. Balakrishnan et al.)

Superconducting properties of the In substituted Topological Crystalline
Insulator, SnTe

G. Balakrishnan, L. Bawden, S. Cavendish, M. R. Lees
We report detailed investigations of the properties of a superconductor obtained by substituting In at the Sn site in the topological crystalline insulator (TCI), SnTe. Transport, magnetization and heat capacity measurements have been performed on crystals of Sn0.6In0.4Te, which is shown to be a bulk superconductor with Tc(onset) at ~4.70(5) K and Tc(zero) at ~3.50(5) K. The upper and lower critical fields are estimated to be {\mu}0Hc2(0) = 1.42(3) T and {\mu}0Hc1(0) = 0.90(3) mT respectively, while {\kappa} = 56.4(8) indicates this material is a strongly type II superconductor.
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