Wednesday, May 8, 2013

1305.1294 (Ying Liang et al.)

Topological Superconductors in Correlated Chern Insulators    [PDF]

Ying Liang, Jing He, Ya-Jie Wu, Ying-Xue Zhu, Su-Peng Kou
In this paper, we realize a topological superconductor (TSC) in correlated topological insulator - the interacting spinful Haldane model. We consider the electrons on the Haldane model with on-site negative-U interaction and then study its properties by mean field theory and random-phase-approximation (RPA) approach. We found that in the intermediate interaction region, the ground state becomes a TSC with the Chern number 2. We also study its edge states and the zero modes of the pi-flux.
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