Wednesday, May 8, 2013

1305.1296 (Philipp Krueger et al.)

Superconductor/ferromagnet heterostructures exhibit potential for
significant reduction of hysteretic losses

Philipp Krueger, Francesco Grilli, Michal Vojenčiak, Victor M. R. Zermeño, Eduard Demencik, Stefania Farinon
First experimental observations of the ferromagnetic shielding effect in high-Tc superconducting coated conductors were carried out. Experimental results were compared to simulations calling upon finite-element calculations based on the H-formulation of Maxwell equations to model superconducting strips with ferromagnetic shields. Samples of copper-stabilized coated conductors were electroplated with nickel shields and afterwards characterized. Both externally applied oscillating transverse magnetic fields as well as transport currents were studied. Having observed promising gains with respect to the reduction of ac losses in both cases, we further investigated the potential of ferromagnetic shielding. The numerical model was able to reproduce and also predict experimental results very well and will serve as an indispensable tool to determine the potential of soft ferromagnetic materials to significantly reduce hysteretic losses.
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