Wednesday, May 8, 2013

1305.1600 (Wei-Jia Li et al.)

Periodically Driven Holographic Superconductor    [PDF]

Wei-Jia Li, Yu Tian, Hongbao Zhang
As a first step towards our holographic investigation of the far-from-equilibrium physics of periodically driven systems at strong coupling, we explore the real time dynamics of holographic superconductor driven by a monochromatically alternating electric field with various frequencies. As a result, our holographic superconductor is driven to the final oscillating state, where the condensate is suppressed and the oscillation frequency is controlled by twice of the driving frequency. In particular, in the large frequency limit, the three distinct channels towards the final steady state are found, namely under damped to superconducting phase, over damped to superconducting and normal phase, which can be captured essentially by the low lying spectrum of quasi-normal modes in the time averaged approximation, reminiscent of the effective field theory perspective.
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