Sunday, May 19, 2013

1305.3368 (Wenhui Wan et al.)

Phonon-mediated Superconductivity in Silicene    [PDF]

Wenhui Wan, Yanfeng Ge, Fan Yang, Yugui Yao
We predicte that electron-doped silicene is a good two-dimensional electron-phonon superconductor under biaxial tensile strain by first-principles calculations within rigid band approximation. Superconductivity transition temperature of electron-doped silicene can be increased to be above 10 K by 5% tensile strain. Band structures, phonon dispersive relations, and Eliashberg functions are calculated for detailed analysis. The strong interaction between acoustic phonon modes normal to the silicene plane and the increasing electronic states around the Fermi level induced by tensile strain are mainly responsible for the enhanced superconducting transition temperature.
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