Sunday, May 19, 2013

1305.3815 (Di Hu et al.)

Analysis of fields in air-cored HTS synchronous motor with HTS racetrack
coils as field winding

Di Hu, Jin Zou, Mark Ainslie
A consequence of trend in propulsion motor design towards HTS field winding, smaller size, and higher efficiency is a progressive change for the machine from iron core to air core, and the distribution of the field winding. This paper proposes a basic physical model of air-cored HTS synchronous motor, which is suitable for copper armature winding and HTS field winding. The analytical method for the fields in the synchronous motor is presented, which is much faster than the finite element method in field calculation. Besides, based on formula, it is convenient to see parameters' relationship, which is useful for motor's parameters optimization. Numerical model has been presented to verify the analytical solution. The model is performed to study the influence of field winding geometry to air gap magnetic field to achieve the field optimization for the HTS synchronous motor.
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