Sunday, May 19, 2013

1305.3487 (V. G. Kogan)

Homes scaling and BCS    [PDF]

V. G. Kogan
It is argued on the basis of the BCS theory that the zero-$T$ penetration depth satisfies $ \lambda^{-2}(0)\propto\sigma T_c $ ($\sigma$ is the normal state dc conductivity) not only in the extreme dirty limit $\xi_0/\ell \gg 1$, but in a broad domain of scattering parameters down to $\xi_0/\ell \sim 1$ ($\xi_0$ is the zero-$T$ BCS coherence length and $\ell$ is the mean-free path). Hence, the scaling $ \lambda^{-2}(0)\propto\sigma T_c $ suggested as a new universal property of superconductors\cite{Homes} finds a natural explanation within the BCS theory.
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